10 Things I Took Home From Eroticon 2017

10 Things I Took From Eroticon my tickle trunk

By now you know that I’ve been to England and back in pursuit of Eroticon, and I spent some time travelling around the country afterwards, hence why this post is over a week late. I want to congratulate Girl On The Net, Molly’s Daily Kiss, and Dom Signs on an amazing job done for Eroticon 2017 – first year under their watch, first year in London, and I couldn’t imagine it being more perfect! I can’t wait for next year, but until then, let’s reminisce over those whirlwind few days in Camden, with this tag from Written By Jenny – 10 lessons, items, and thoughts that I brought back to Canada from Eroticon 2017!

I’ve never been much of a networker. I would go to industry events or someone would ask me about my work and I’d have some business-minded friend nudging me, whispering, “go on, tell them!” But frankly it’s always made me uncomfortable. So when I saw the rockstar lineup of amazing UK businesses available at Eroticon, I was excited, but had no intentions of properly meeting any of them. I’m so glad that isn’t how it went though, because I got to put a face to my long-time friends at Fuck.com, and chats with the folks at long-admired companies like Godemiche and Sheets Of San Francisco (among many others – sorry!) were like a warm hug of personality. Before Eroticon, I felt like I didn’t have much of a relationship with any company, but simply by putting a friendly face to a name, I’m much more confident in talking to these people and I admire their businesses much more for it!

Sex-Positive People
It’s all I’ve ever wanted, and this weekend I was positively surrounded by the best kinds of people! I debunked the myth that you can never meet your heroes including Girl On The Net and Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss, and meeting so many long-time blogging heroes! I didn’t get to spend as much time as I’d have liked with many people, but I do want to give a specific shout out to Ruby Rousson and Gryph for being my social rocks for the weekend and the best new friends a foreigner could ask for. The people of Eroticon account for at least 50% of why this weekend was so amazing, so go all of you! You were all so welcoming!
On that note, since I did travel for a week after Eroticon, I didn’t get a chance to do the big social push that I wanted, so if we met at Eroticon, please reach out or Tweet me so that I can follow you!

10 Things I Took From Eroticon my tickle trunk girl on the net mug

“No One Does What You Do Quite Like You”
Every time I glance at this mug, it’s seems like just yesterday as Girl On The Net’s Voice comes echoing back to me, repeating over and over this inspiring and true mantra as a part of Pitching 101. How she would beam ecstatically, reminding us all that we all bring something unique and passionate to the table, and that we all do it in our own valuable way. A day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t heard that voice in my head, and it’s truly the most valuable lesson I took from Eroticon.

The Trip Of A Lifetime
Eroticon isn’t the only reason I went to England, but it was my main reason for getting on that plane. Eroticon gave me an excuse to finally take the plunge and go on a trip that I’ve been wanting to take for the past 15 years, visiting family and making new friends all over the country. Travelling solo was definitely not easy, but definitely something I knew I wanted to do, and my love of sex writing fused with my admiration for sex writers around the globe pushed me to finally hop across the pond.

10 Things I Took From Eroticon my tickle trunk dildos and sex toys

New Toys
I’ve spent hours staring longingly at my two new Godemiche dildos, basking in their beauty. Being Canadian, I was thrilled to scoop up these toys without shipping or customs fees after lusting for them forever. I seriously can’t get over the beauty of my galaxy Ambit and sparkly turquoise Adam, not to mention how awesome they feel, and it was worth the flight alone just to bring these beauties home with me. Add to that my raffle prize of the So Divine Magic Wand, and I came home with a not too shabby haul for my growing collection!

Conquering Social Anxiety
Walking into that Friday night meet ‘n greet on 3 hours of sleep within 2 days was probably the scariest thing I did all weekend. I internalized my squee while meeting Molly’s Daily Kiss, Girl On The Net, and Dom Signs before heading upstairs and pretending that my Canadian phone had signal and busying myself with that illusion. But all anxiety and worry disappeared as an amazing couple introduced themselves to me, also there without knowing anyone. I give them a lot of credit because through that, I met so many other amazing people throughout the weekend and I was able to immediately relax and know that I was in good company! It inspires me to introduce myself to the lost-looking person at my next event and help ease them into an unfamiliar environment.

10 Things I Took From Eroticon my tickle trunk hot octopuss fuck.com shirt

T-Shirts That Fit Me
Normally I’m quite against certain things being gendered, but when both Fuck.com and Hot Octopuss had t-shirts designed specifically to look cute on women, I was stoked (because I hate “unisex” shirts on my curvy body so much). Branded t-shirts that fit me and that I actually want to wear – what a concept! Take note businesses, because putting your logo on a t-shirt doesn’t mean crap if people don’t want to wear them.

New Experiences
I far from know everything about the sex industry – FAR – but I can’t even count how many times I would find myself in a conversation with someone who was involved in something I knew nothing about first-hand. I heard about London play party etiquette, ethical domination, branding, and fisting (so much fisting!) to name just a few things. I asked a lot of questions, I questioned myself, I pushed my own educational boundaries, and I never want to stop learning about everything in this industry from all of you!

The day that I wrote this was the first day that I sat down on social media and actually chatted with some of the lovely people that I met at Eroticon, and in that moment I felt so inspired. Some people asked me for blog advice, some people flirted in Tweets, others just chatted about Eroticon and general blog to-dos. I’ve never felt more like a community, and being able to lift up other bloggers is what lifts me up; I want to promote other bloggers, I want to read your stuff, and sit in a circle and sing campfire songs (too far?)

10 Things I Took From Eroticon my tickle trunk dildo with keys

A Sex-Positive Space
I don’t know where I’d be without KinkBnB providing my weekend accommodation; probably crying of insanity in a Tube station somewhere. I loved the idea of staying in a sex-positive space – a private room in the home of a lovely gay couple in southeast London – but those two nights not sleeping in a hostel felt like they saved my life after a sleepless flight. A comfortable bed, an amazing host, a disco lightshow of a shower (more on that later), and the ability to photograph my dildos with ease; it was exactly what I needed, and I love that they provide sex-oriented people like myself with open-minded vacation rentals to do what we love in a safe space. They also passionately support sex workers and removing the stigma of sex work, so keep them in mind for your sexy adventure, or list your home to make a few extra bucks and meet awesome people!

kinkbnb my tickle trunk

KinkBnB was my generous sponsor during my stay at Eroticon, and this post is in part sponsored by their sex-positive vacation rentals. All opinions and experiences are unbiased and my own.

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