29 Things About Being 29 + Birthday Giveaway!

my tickle trunk birthday giveaway 2016

It’s my birthday! Today I begin the journey to embrace the last year of my 20’s, and prepare myself for the new adventures of my 30’s. I don’t care about the numbers, I truly don’t. I do care how it seems everyone else does, and keeps annoying me with questions like “You’re almost 30! Are you scared?” No. If I had known what a shitshow turning 22 was going to be, I would have been a lot more scared then, so clearly the number doesn’t make a difference.

Anyway, a lot changes in a year, so here are 29 things that I feel changed in my 29th trip around the sun. (a la Hannah Hart)

  1. You now identify as a writer, whether you’re paid for it or not
  2. But you make sure you get paid when you damn well deserve it
  3. You put on weight a couple years ago, and you’re finally fine with keeping it, or not
  4. You’re actually ready to live with someone
  5. In fact, you realize that this is probably best for your mental health
  6. You’ve addressed and accepted that you have anxiety issues
  7. You willingly put some vegetables on your sandwiches, like onions and peppers
  8. There’s even a green thing on your pizza (sometimes)
  9. You have fucking osteoarthritis in your neck. Maybe you’re old, or maybe you’ve been using a laptop for the past decade and that’s harmed your posture.
  10. You’re always starting a new project
  11. You’re also actually finishing many of them, which is cool
  12. You still don’t cook. But you found someone who sometimes does so… draw?
  13. You’ve thought about your family plans. For 5 seconds. Before you freaked out and did something else.
  14. You finally got the dream hair colour you’ve been trying to perfect for the past decade
  15. You believe that you’re only as old as you feel
  16. And accept that your life doesn’t have to be in the same place as everyone else your age
  17. You’re going to make the last year of your 20’s a good one, filled with new experiences, and totally immature shenanigans

Alright, sex stuff…

  1. Your sex toy collection is huge, just as you always wanted
  2. You’ve realized that you just aren’t huge into internal vibrations
  3. And broad clitoral stimulation is your jam (usually)
  4. You’ve gotten into butt stuff. And out again. And you hope the urge returns
  5. You’ve gone off the pill and remembered why condoms are the worst
  6. Sex toys in sex are a big part of your life
  7. You aren’t afraid to tell your partner that you just aren’t going to come today
  8. You also aren’t afraid to grab a vibrator and help both of you along
  9. Sex positivity is HUGELY important to you
  10. You’re finding it hard to connect with friends who don’t talk about sex
  11. Sex on weed is nearly impossible for how lazy you become
  12. In fact you’ve turned down sex just because you’re lazy or tired. And you’re okay with it. Hopefully he is too.

Help me start 29 with a bang in my Birthday Giveaway! I’ve partnered with The Nookie to bring you the chance to win a $50 gift card to use in-store and online, for beautiful, body-safe toys.

Birthday Giveaway!


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  1. Caitlin says:

    Happy birthday, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year! Just lots of happy! Would love to see more personal posts (like the one about your smile). 🙂

  2. Kalliopeia says:

    Happy birthday!!

    (Also, as a 23-year-old… fucking goals. Other than the osteoarthritis, though that will probably happen to me too. Seriously, I admire all your adulting. Way to go.)

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