5 Way Sex Toys Can Better Your Relationship

5 Way Sex Toys Can Better Your Relationship Lovedreamer My Tickle Trunk

There’s no doubt that sex toys lead to better sex, but sometimes the side effects of that better sex seep into your everyday life, resulting in a happier, more satisfied version of yourselves! If you’ve thought about giving sex toys a try, then I’ve got 5 good reasons to go for it!

Facilitates Communication
By broaching the topic of bringing toys into the bedroom, it forces both of you to ask some important questions, and allows you to be more organically open with each other about some subjects that may have been difficult to approach otherwise.

Some examples of questions that can be asked when having this discussion:

  • Why do you want to use sex toys?
  • What sensations do you both prefer?
  • How can you explore your fantasies together using sex toys? (more on that later)

By asking these questions, you’ve opened up a line of communication with which many couples find it hard to comes to terms. Despite sex being a natural being between a couple, it’s always awkward dialogue to start, and by expressing an interest in this one aspect, it can open up the doors for further talk, potentially creating a more fulfilling sex life and happier relationship.

Explore Fantasies
For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed the idea of being double penetrated, but I’ve never really worked up the nerve to just invite some other guy over to fuck my ass with my boyfriend. For this, toys provide and exciting escape that mean I can test out this fantasy without necessarily jumping all the way in.

Of course, this also extends to kink and wanting to test out each other’s love of teasing, restraints and impact play. With the craze of Fifty Shades growing every year, you might want to test the waters with some light bondage, such as tying each other up and using a blindfold to heighten other senses. From there you can move forward, deeper into this fantasy, slowly incorporating a small flogger or low-impact paddle, working up from there until you reach your ideal comfort level (you both may have different levels in this, and that’s okay!)

More Satisfaction
There’s no shame in it, but sometimes we just don’t get what we want from standard 1-on-1 sex. It’s perfectly normal for another human being able to not read your mind and know what preferences you have that day, or what specific stimulation you’re looking for. While open communication is key in this situation as well, it can be helped along by some sexual aids nearby.

For example, a lot of women don’t orgasm from penetration or oral alone, and require external stimulation to get anywhere near orgasm. Stimulating an area like the clitoris with a vibrator or stimulator during vaginal intercourse can provide that added boost to bring you to climax. During oral for her, you can use an insertable toy such as a dildo to help her cum, or even an anal toy if that’s her thing. I know I sometimes appreciate feeling a bit fuller during oral, but actively dislike fingering, so a sex toy is always a nice touch. Oral for him can involve anything from a cock ring to a unisex vibrator, or even some prostate play in the form of a prostate massage or a well-positioned butt plug. There’s a toy for every stimulation you’re looking for, so play around and figure out what works for you!

Less Pressure
Men and women alike have both felt the pressure to perform and to please, which can put a damper on a good time. Don’t let fatigue, a couple drinks, or a straight-up fluke end your pleasure sessions; sex toys provide a satisfying way to get off in just the way you want, whether you’re using them on your partner to help them along, or you watch them get themselves off in the heat of the moment. You can use toys to supplement your performance in the event you just aren’t up to it, or you can make them a part of your sexual adventure to take the pressure off immediately! A cock ring provides a stimulating way to increase endurance, while an external vibrator for him or for her can ensure that everyone’s enjoying themselves during intercourse, foreplay, or beyond!

Bonus: watching your partner play with toys solo provides an excellent opportunity to watch, and to see just how hot it is. Which leads us to our next point…

Perhaps you’ve always enjoyed watching, or maybe you’ve never even explored the possibility, but there’s an exhibitionist in all of us when it comes to watching our partners. By watching your partner use specific toys on themselves, you’ll have the chance to learn what they like and how you can apply it to your sex life; but on top of that, it’s just damn hot! I never used to understand the appeal of mutual masturbation, but when my partner and I get too tired from sex, but are still ready to go, watching each other have a play is just as satisfying, and often encourages us to get back it it once again!

Sex toys have many uses, both for solo play and as a part of steamy partnered sex. Whatever your needs, check out Lovedreamer’s wide variety of vibrators, dildos, anal toys, cock rings, and so much more! Canadian prices, plus free shipping over $75!

This post was sponsored by Lovedreamer, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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