The Best Types of Lingerie for Plus Size Bodies

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We all have that outfit that makes us feel like a boss; we strut around, owning that piece of clothing and knowing exactly how good we look. But sometimes we want some of that confidence to transfer to the bedroom, where typically, clothing doesn’t have a big presence.

The bottom line is if it makes you feel good – wear it! There are NO rules, and you have every reason to wear sexy lingerie. But as a plus sized woman, staring at a wall of lingerie options can sometimes make it feel like none of it is meant for you or wants to make you feel beautiful. In those moments, it’s good to have some old faithfuls, and that’s where these might come in handy…


I shrugged off this one-size-fits-all lingerie style because one-size-fits-all is frankly bullshit. But if there were to ever be a versatile, singular piece of lingerie, I’d have to give that award to the bodystocking. I’ll give my partner credit here; I didn’t care to wear lingerie that was sold in a box, but I gave in to him begging for me to wear one of these, only to find that it’s the ultimate body-booster. Why?

  • Stretchy. Like, really stretchy. Bodystockings usually come in a whopping two sizes – OS or OS-X (not to be confused with the Mac operating system) and for once, I’ll agree that this range is enough. With open-weave styles like lace and fishnets, they’ll stretch as far or as little as you need, and will still rock your body.
  • Naked, but not really. As a woman of a certain size, you’re probably too familiar with those times where you strip down and you’d rather be covered with a parka. Or a sheet. Or SOMETHING. Body stockings give me a sense of security in an all-too-vulnerable state of nudity, without sacrificing the sexy – clothes that are there, but not there.
  • Comfortable. No underwire digging into your ribs, no thongs riding up your bum, no fiddling with garter straps – this is lingerie at its finest. No need to sweat beneath a layer of latex or poly-cotton blends because with these open styles (and lots of crotchless options), you’ll be well-ventilated and able to breathe easy!


On the other end of the comfort spectrum, we have corsets. But what they lack in easy assembly and oxygen accessibility, then make up for in the ability to showcase a curvy figure while hiding some self-conscious zones. Because of how consuming a corset can be, it’s also a fun way to try on a new persona – maybe you feel like an empowered domme or a caged sub when those bones wrap around your torso, or maybe you just feel sexy. I for one love corsets to accentuate my hourglass figure and make me feel in charge in the bedroom. Then, of course, there are the breasts – you can cradle them or push them up to your chin with a full-coverage corset or bustier, or let them hang out and tease your lover with a classic under-bust corset or waist cincher. There’s no way to lose, and with lots of corsets designed for your voluptuous body, there’s something to please you… and of course, those lucky enough to be around you.


We’re not talking about your grandmother’s silk nightgown here – lingerie dresses are designed with sizzle, to both titillate and excite. Sheer fabric, cheeky lace, and cutouts are key in taking a sexy dress to dream lingerie; with the same stretchy comfort of a body stocking and a naturally crotchless design that can be accessed in a hot second, dresses embody comfort and beauty in one timeless look. These outfits can be as a simple as a babydoll, with cascading lace and ample cleavage, or something more complicated, with straps and garters hugging every curve of your body.

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