Review: Blush Bonne Beads

blush bonne beads sex toy review kegel balls

I do love masturbation, but sometimes it’s nice to know that I’m testing out a toy with no time commitment required. This is how lazy I can be. Too lethargic to cum.

After using a few of Blush’s products over the last couple weeks, I’ve determined that they’re an excellent, affordable way to ease into sex toys. Perhaps it was just the materials I was given, but I’ve found each item to be excellent for beginners. Of course I’m not a beginner, but when I was starting out, looking at a wall of dicks was intimidating, let alone the fact that they were priced upwards of my monthly mobile bill (I live in Canada – ‘nuff said). Blush is a reasonable price point for toys (Bonne Beads are $10.56 MSRP) that don’t break on the first go (I’m talking to you, crappy bullet manufacturers)

I’d been interested in a kegal ball set for a long time. I don’t have any particular muscle issues that need attention, but I like to keep things in check and anything with the phrase “easiest workout ever” on the package has me sold. Bonne Beads are very lightweight in comparison to other brands, but probably the best way to ease into kegel strengthening, rather than pop in a hundred grams of weight and hope you muscles really ARE strong enough to hold it.

I spend much of my time working from home, so I wanted to pick the right moment to put these in or else I’d just be sitting around holding some balls in my twat. I had to choose the right activity – I’ve seen a few reviews where people have gone as far as wearing these to the gym and, hell no. At any given time I’m one crunch away from an accidental fart so to have these things shooting out of my shorts would be a whole new level of nope.

Use lube. Maybe this seems obvious to you, but when I first grabbed these out of my Lustco box before rushing off to my boyfriend’s for the weekend (I could only pick one toy), I didn’t account for this and tried going in dry. Very dry. I was never able to shake the feeling that I was storing cotton-wrapped razors in my cooch and it wasn’t sexy, let alone comfortable.

Inserting without lube was nearly impossible. As a kegel toy newbie, maybe some directions on insertion would have been nice, because the logistics of pushing a glorified string inwards doesn’t make sense. And without lube, it really doesn’t. With lube, those babies just go right in – trust me.

Upon trying to insert them (with lube), the first one popped right back out. I’m not saying I’m the jaws of life down there but when I tense up, it’s like a clearance sale – everything must go. First bead I went heavy on the lube, followed by light lube on the second, making a smooth trip inward, and the cord was actually holding its shape so I could push in a little. The cord is kind of a main indicator that this isn’t the best set in the world – clear plastic with no real shape – while higher end models might have a firm silicone base for both beads.

I puttered around – did my hair, makeup, caught up on some work, then took this show on the road and went to the store. I found I could feel these much less when actively walking and moving around; they were far more present when I was making small movements like turning around, adjusting, slow walks, etc. While I was in the store, I pretty much forgot I was wearing them, until I was waiting in the checkout and it was ever-present.

blush bonne beads sex toy review kegel balls

I did find that my initial fear about kegel balls was pretty much spot on – I was constantly a little turned on whenever I could feel it. It’s great if you’re on a date with your guy and he knows you’ll be nice and hot for him as soon as you get home. But when I’m browsing the dollar store, oooh-ing and aaah-ing at the new Christmas stock, I don’t want to be thinking of different ooohs and aaahs.

That said, I did do a little clit play to get off while they were in and it’s really quite nice knowing something’s already in there and feeling a bit more filled without having to do it yourself. I imagine having a bit more weight would make it even more arousing.

Did I feel “toned”? No. Because I wore them 2 or 3 times and you can’t judge any workout based on 2 or 3 reps. Overall though, I’d say it’s a perfect beginner’s set to start out or experiment with the world of kegel strengthening; I’d probably go with a heavier investment piece if you’re looking for a real challenge.

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