My Body-Positive Journey

my tickle trunk - my body-positive journey

I’m a woman, so inherently, I was born into a world setting me up with enough body issues and social scrutiny to last me into two more lifetimes. And I’m not alone. Every day I see people go between “my body is blindingly gorgeous, you aren’t worthy” to “I wish I was blind, I’m not worth anything” three times before we even get dressed. So for this reason, I want to start a series about My Body-Positive Journey, and I hope you’ll make it your journey too. We could all use a little more positivity in our life, and 80% of that needed positivity could probably be directed towards yourself.

It’s a journey for a reason, as fellow sex blogger Red Hot Suz has stated, self-love will really never have a destination. The odds of getting 3 decades of body-shaming out of my head are slim to none, but this journey will see ups and downs that will always reflect the one and only thing I want you (and I) to remember: love your body.

Love your body like you love your family; you may not always like your family, but you will always love them. Forgive those days when they’re overbearing and you just can’t get along, and forgive your body for being a bit bloated after those chips last night or for getting an extra wrinkle here and there.

This series will explore my thoughts, my feelings, my endless emotional rants, and hopefully we’ll explore the body-positive outlook of others in this marvellous community. I look forward to taking you on this journey with me, and I hope we’ll be able to have a lovely, positive conversation about this beautiful vessel that carries us around.

Upcoming Body-Positive Post: I Love Stretch Marks

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