Review: California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe


California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe My Tickle Trunk

No words.

It might be inconvenient, given that blogs typically must contain them, but words truly evaded me with this toy.

It stuns me as much as anyone that my new favourite toy falls outside the vibrator family, but I’m also very upset with myself that I’ve waited this long to even explore glass toys. The price always seemed too much, and the inflexible material didn’t appeal to me at all, but now I’m jumping on the bandwagon because DAMN.

I’ve recently dived head-first into the world of anal play, and introducing one’s bum to that world takes a special kind of toy. I had tried one previous glass dildo that featured a few too many adornments to allow such passage through one’s anus, so I wanted something smooth. In my search for something budget- and ass-friendly, California Exotics delivered a two-ended option that seem absolutely perfect for two kinds of assplay – beads to work the sphincter (and in my case, some needed stretching), and a smooth shaft for full-on fucking with silky smooth glass.

California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe My Tickle Trunk

It’s a beautiful 7 inches of non-porous, smooth glass and features an Ed Hardy-type tattoo embellishment on the shaft (but I won’t hold it against it). As with all glass, its hygienic surface and disinfecting options make it a great toy for sharing, so my partner and myself could both enjoy this (with a good boiling in between sessions).

I was terribly excited to try it out, and during a rigorous solo-fuckfest, I decided to use the beaded end anally to ease into it. Inserting the first bead was pleasurable; pleasurable enough that I immediately progressed to the next, slightly larger bead. Wanting to feel more, I moved to #3 (which I now realized is the same size as the second, but meh) and began to feel the fullness that you would with a decent butt plug. I repeated this cycle another time before feeling up to the challenge, and pushed on with the final, larger bulb. Since I’m still getting used to it, it didn’t slide in with the ease of the first three, but knowing it was just that little bit more challenging really turned me on, as I could feel the four glass beads sitting in me with the dildo part resting on the outside and stretching out the opening just a little.

To my own surprise, I was able to full-on fuck myself with the beaded end for a good amount of time; I never expected to enjoy that SO much, but the feeling of the beads entering me again and again was just… no words.

I did use the dildo end as well, and that was great both vaginally and anally for a good pounding. Maybe it won’t appeal to some, but I do appreciate a good, solid fuck and glass really made it feel like it was going deep and hard – a result I find hard to achieve with standard silicone toys.

It pleases me to say that my ass was only a bit sore because I had played with this dildo SO much and simply worn out the poor thing. Prrr.

Playing with every aspect of this toy really warmed me up and kept me relaxed for other forms of play. Being new to this world, I can say this is probably the best toy for introducing yourself to it, maybe slowly stretching out, and even testing your limits. Glass in general seems like an excellent substance for anal play, since the smooth surface is sure to take it easy on the sensitive area, but a dual-purpose toy like this is my #1 suggestion for a first-time introduction.

California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe My Tickle Trunk

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