Pleasure Panel Review: Affordable Leather Y Hogtie Restraints

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I’ve wanted to have the option of being hogtied for quite some time (alright, my boyfriend has), and thanks to Affordable Leather, this was made possible through Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel. I’ve lovingly reviewed the Y Hogtie Restraint set over there, but here’s a quick excerpt to give a nice tease (click here to read the whole review!)

For a while I was my man’s plaything as he flipped me over and teased me, all the while my hands being completely helpless and my ankles strapped together. At one point I even thought to myself “If I were to ever be tied up and abandoned in any sexual position, this is probably the most screwed I could be”.

Then came the fun. My boyfriend is rather imaginative, and as I asked that we switch my hands from my back to my front, he stopped and smiled, “I have an idea.” He then proceeded to unhook my wrists, take the long leather centre strip, and loop it through the top of our headboard, positioning my legs nearly above my head. He then re-connected my wrists to the end, but with my wrists and ankles being virtually together, pretzelling myself and exposing my genitals in a futile way. He teased me with my dildo and vibrator for so long that we lost track of time. It was amazing being so exposed and so available for play, and I can only imagine the other fun, versatile opportunities that can be had with some simple restraints and a long leather strap.

Read the whole review over at Cara Sutra!

Affordable Leather Y Hogtie Restraints

Affordable Leather Y Hogtie Restraints




    • Budget-friendly
    • Versatile
    • Real Leather
    • Easy To Use


    • Stiff, Unfinished Leather
    • Runs Small

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