Pleasure Panel Review: Bondara Enhancer Strap

Recently I had the honour of reviewing the Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap over on Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel! Here’s a taste, but you can check out the whole thing over there – enjoy!

Cara Sutra Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review My Tickle Trunk

A look at the enhancer strap conjured images of me bent over with my face in a pillow as he gripped on for dear life and pounded me with the vigor I’ve always wanted. I loved it. Doggy style is one of my favourite positions anyway, so allowing the opportunity to hand over even more control to my man was an exciting prospect that I eagerly awaited.

Sex Enhancer Strap from Bondara Review Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel

The first time we tried the sex enhancer strap, we did it sort of wrong, so the second time around we wanted to get it right – we sat down beforehand, researched how it was used, made sure it was set up right, and talked about the best way to come at it. I’ve never had such clinical foreplay. Don’t say I didn’t make the effort with this one because several erections were sacrificed in the making of this review.

Armed with knowledge, we tried it a few more times, strap in hand. Sex ranged from “Are you sure you’re doing this right?” to “Okay. Sure.” Unable to move my arms, I had to rely on my partner to hold the straps tight to keep me from flopping forward, and the length of the straps just weren’t conducive to, well, holding.

Read the whole review over on Cara Sutra!

Bondara Enhancer Strap

Bondara Enhancer Strap




    • Cheaper Than A Sex Swing


    • Too Long
    • No Directions
    • Not Much Control

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