Review: California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe


California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe My Tickle Trunk

No words.

It might be inconvenient, given that blogs typically must contain them, but words truly evaded me with this toy.

It stuns me as much as anyone that my new favourite toy falls outside the vibrator family, but I’m also very upset with myself that I’ve waited this long to even explore glass toys. The price always seemed too much, and the inflexible material didn’t appeal to me at all, but now I’m jumping on the bandwagon because DAMN.

I’ve recently dived head-first into the world of anal play, and introducing one’s bum to that world takes a special kind of toy. I had tried one previous glass dildo that featured a few too many adornments to allow such passage through one’s anus, so I wanted something smooth. In my search for something budget- and ass-friendly, California Exotics delivered a two-ended option that seem absolutely perfect for two kinds of assplay – beads to work the sphincter (and in my case, some needed stretching), and a smooth shaft for full-on fucking with silky smooth glass.