Review: Partner Plus Couples Toy

Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Toy Review My Tickle Trunk

Stick to your day job, Satisfyer.

A while ago I reviewed Satisfyer’s pioneering sex toy, the Satisfyer Pro 2, and until recently it ranked in my top sex toys (it was knocked out of top spot by one of its siblings – more on that in future reviews). They’ve since become a leading name is the market of air-based stimulators, and for very good reason; the unique sensation combined with an accessible price point gives them every competitive edge they could ask for. However, their venture into couple’s vibrators (of which I am hoping is a brief one) has not been nearly as triumphant. However, this isn’t really marketed as a Satisfyer toy, which is why I won’t refer to it as such; I refuse to tarnish that name, and it seems they’ve been smart enough to separate themselves from this effort.


Review: Bondage Toys

My Tickle Trunk Bondage Sex Toy Reviews Sportsheets Pipedream Whips Crop

Vague, right?

As I recently assembled What’s In My Tickle Trunk and linked to my own product reviews, I realized that I’ve reviewed jack-all of my own bondage collection. It’s not that I’m not into bondage, not at all, and you can see from my listed collection that this isn’t the case. It’s simply that most bondage items serve one specific purpose, and it really doesn’t seem worth my time to write such a small review, so I’ve taken 5 of my small items (mostly from when I was getting started) and packed them into a delightful bondage compendium! Let’s call this volume 1.


Pleasure Panel Review: Bondara Enhancer Strap

Recently I had the honour of reviewing the Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap over on Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel! Here’s a taste, but you can check out the whole thing over there – enjoy!

Cara Sutra Bondara Sex Enhancer Strap Review My Tickle Trunk

A look at the enhancer strap conjured images of me bent over with my face in a pillow as he gripped on for dear life and pounded me with the vigor I’ve always wanted. I loved it. Doggy style is one of my favourite positions anyway, so allowing the opportunity to hand over even more control to my man was an exciting prospect that I eagerly awaited.


Review: Sliquid Naturals Lube Cube

Sliquid Naturals Lube Cube

Lube turns me on. It just does. I’ve had a long-running sexual fantasy involving a tarp and enough bottles of baby oil that I’m pretty it’d cause an accident, so it goes without saying that I like my sex wet. I want to hear it, feel it, taste it – and I’m glad to say that this pack from my favourite lube brand hits all five senses.

It’s no secret I love Sliquid, so let me give you the TL;DR of this review now: it’s awesome. What’s also awesome is a company who makes dozens of lube types AND has the consideration to say, “don’t waste your money on a whole bottle of something you don’t know” and instead packs an entire line of premium lube into a teeny little box.


Review: Blush Bonne Beads

blush bonne beads sex toy review kegel balls

I do love masturbation, but sometimes it’s nice to know that I’m testing out a toy with no time commitment required. This is how lazy I can be. Too lethargic to cum.

After using a few of Blush’s products over the last couple weeks, I’ve determined that they’re an excellent, affordable way to ease into sex toys. Perhaps it was just the materials I was given, but I’ve found each item to be excellent for beginners. Of course I’m not a beginner, but when I was starting out, looking at a wall of dicks was intimidating, let alone the fact that they were priced upwards of my monthly mobile bill (I live in Canada – ‘nuff said). Blush is a reasonable price point for toys (Bonne Beads are $10.56 MSRP) that don’t break on the first go (I’m talking to you, crappy bullet manufacturers)


Review: Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant

Sliquid Organics Silk Sliquid Organics SilkWater & silicone based hybrid lubricant review

I don’t remember a time before my Sliquids. I don’t really want to. All I remember is lying there after sex thinking, “oh God get it off me”, and I wasn’t talking about the guy.

I received this lube as a review item years ago, and honestly, I’ve just finished the bottle. I remember the first time I used it, I had paired it with the Lovemoiselle Noemie Ceramic Dildo (which I won’t review because I had no idea how to use it back then), closed the blinds, and locked my bedroom door. I was very rudely interrupted by my now-ex-boyfriend who decided to pop in and mock me for masturbating. Needless to say, he didn’t finish the job, so I had to walk around for a few hours with this lube still on.


Review: “Screaming O” Ohare Vibrating Cock Ring


Cock rings – the gateway sex toy. Once you’ve progressed past your Mum’s fresh cucumber and your Dad’s Playboys, these bad boys are available on pharmacy shelves next to your standard condoms. They’re commonly used to make the man last longer by trapping the blood in the penis, resulting in a consistently hard penis and long-last endurance.

So while these little halos are common as ever, I can honestly say I’ve never used one before this week. I think it takes a very secure and somewhat adventurous man to branch out into toys – neither of which I’ve had the pleasure of meeting – and when it comes to implying “hun, you don’t last long enough to satisfy me”, there’s definitely a right way to bring it up. Luckily, my man quite enjoys trying new things and I was more than happy to put the focus on him this time.