Review: Désirables Dalia

désirables dalia dildo my tickle trunk review

I’ve never really mentioned the A-spot in any of my posts. It’s not because I haven’t found it, or because I don’t believe the hype, but simply because it’s never been a very prominent sensation for me. I might feel it sometimes, but overall it just feels like a bypass when you’ve overshot the G-spot, nothing more than an afterthought. Well shut the front door, because Dalia by Montreal company Désirables has made me into a believer.

That delicate little porcelain curve may be designed for stellar G-spot stimulation, but its firm and easy-glide material makes it a champ for lightly caressing the A-spot and taking it from mere footnote to leading star. It awoke something within me when I felt an unfamiliar tingle upon finding it with this beauty, and that bulbous, tulip-shaped end rubs so very gently that it could potentially find yours as well.


Review: Tantus Adam O2

my tickle trunk review tantus adam o2

Pay attention folks, because you’re looking at my gold standard to which all future dildos will be compared.

A dildo that upon insertion EVERY time has me moaning “oh GOD I love this thing.” A dildo that were I to be dumped tomorrow, I would seek comfort in knowing I had a damn good second place dick. A dildo that has earned my first and only 10/10 rating – Adam.

You’ve probably seen him before; he’s thick and squishy, with just a bit of a lean – not unlike my drunk Uncle Ian – and dare I say, he hits my G-spot with so much precision that my Pure Wand is off collecting dust. So let’s talk about the dildo that sports the name of one of my oldest friends.


Review: Simon Peg by Holepunch Toys

my tickle trunk simon peg hole punch toys review

How could I resist the chance to say that I fucked Simon Peg(g)?

Browsing through Hole Punch Toys’ website, it was hard to choose just one unique, platinum cure silicone toy – carrot butt plugs, spaceship dildos, little butt radishes – but the name alone stood out to me, in addition to a pegging-friendly shape. Simon Peg comes in blue, purple, black, and pink – which I have – but not only is the in-person colour more vibrant, it also falls a bit more on the side of neon red than pink (which I prefer)


Review: Tantus Sport

my tickle trunk tantus sport dildo review

I must admit, I wanted to hate on this little guy, and I fully expected to find it boring and small. I didn’t even buy the Tantus Sport for myself – I bought it for my boyfriend, thinking small and sleek was a butt’s best friend (we didn’t know his bonkers anal aptitude at this time), but he prefers toys without a bulbous head, so I was left to take in the orphaned dildo.

It has a wee 5.5” in length, a modest girth of 1.25” and as you can imagine, is perfect for butts… but more on that in a moment. First, I want to talk about how this little dude wormed his way into my heart, and my nightstand.


Review: Tantus Uncut #1

my tickle trunk tantus uncut #1 review

The Uncut #1 is my fantasy dildo. When I’m feeling the need to be absolutely stuffed to the gills with cock, I reach for my #1 and large bottle of lube; add a butt plug and you could serve me at Thanksgiving.

I scored my Tantus Uncut #1 in Mocha at the previously mentioned Come As You Are sale, when a Ziploc-wrapped enigma dropped into the discount bin, and its little bounce on landing set off my dildo radar. Sure enough, a floor model version of a glorious, black, uncircumcised penis lay within the plastic bag, adorned with an equally glorious $20 price tag. I recognized the unique design immediately and snapped it up with fervor.


Review: Tantus Tsunami

Review Tantus Tsunami My Tickle Trunk

I bought the Tsunami during one of Gabby’s used (sterilized) toy sales and of course read her review on the item before buying. A decent review, with the singular problem being size – something that she admitted has been an issue in the past.
I’m no size queen, but I’ve never had a problem with toys before and I’m going to have to agree with the majority of reviews I’ve found – it’s just too big! I can fit JUST up to the end of the second-to-final ridge; if I push and don’t want any real stimulation from it.


Review: California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe


California Exotics Inked Glass Dual Probe My Tickle Trunk

No words.

It might be inconvenient, given that blogs typically must contain them, but words truly evaded me with this toy.

It stuns me as much as anyone that my new favourite toy falls outside the vibrator family, but I’m also very upset with myself that I’ve waited this long to even explore glass toys. The price always seemed too much, and the inflexible material didn’t appeal to me at all, but now I’m jumping on the bandwagon because DAMN.

I’ve recently dived head-first into the world of anal play, and introducing one’s bum to that world takes a special kind of toy. I had tried one previous glass dildo that featured a few too many adornments to allow such passage through one’s anus, so I wanted something smooth. In my search for something budget- and ass-friendly, California Exotics delivered a two-ended option that seem absolutely perfect for two kinds of assplay – beads to work the sphincter (and in my case, some needed stretching), and a smooth shaft for full-on fucking with silky smooth glass.