5 Way Sex Toys Can Better Your Relationship

5 Way Sex Toys Can Better Your Relationship Lovedreamer My Tickle Trunk

There’s no doubt that sex toys lead to better sex, but sometimes the side effects of that better sex seep into your everyday life, resulting in a happier, more satisfied version of yourselves! If you’ve thought about giving sex toys a try, then I’ve got 5 good reasons to go for it!

Facilitates Communication
By broaching the topic of bringing toys into the bedroom, it forces both of you to ask some important questions, and allows you to be more organically open with each other about some subjects that may have been difficult to approach otherwise.


Is Virtual Reality The Next Step In Sex Toys?

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Porn as a concept is meant to tap into your deepest fantasies – threesomes, gangbangs, POV blowjobs – they’re all a part of fulfilling those deepest, darkest desires. The last few years have seen incredible growth in the world of virtual reality, with over 43 million VR users worldwide, so with this revolution well underway, of course porn-makers are taking advantage.

The first adult virtual realities began showing up in late 2014 and haven’t slowed down; with the limited technology at the time, videos were short and low-quality, but now…


How To Organize & Store Sex Toys

How To Store & Organize Sex Toys

Any sex toy blogger will confirm that as soon as companies start sending you stuff, you’re growing out of your toy box like it’s a pair of baby shoes. The first incarnation of my tickle trunk was a chic metal box from Homesense marked “Tools” that I thought was a clever disguise. Between you and I, I think my Dad might have gone in there while renovating my apartment, but I digress.

I recently upgraded to a new trunk that I can already see myself growing out of, but it’s so PRETTY that I just don’t care. I love to organize my hobbies and seeing a case of nicely displayed sex toys makes my heart skip a beat.