Sexy Favourites For October

Sexy Favourites For October my tickle trunk

It’s safe to say that I don’t do these every month – only the months that are worth reporting. The last time I did one was for Masturbation May, which ended up being undeniably sexy, but October was definitely return of the sex – huzzah!

I’ve got a lot in the works right now (as you’ll see from the several cliffhanger highlights included here), so you can count on another one of these next month, when I finally pull the time out of my ass to post my current works in progress.


Sexy Favourites for Masturbation May

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I’ve never done a favourites post before, and I doubt it’ll become a regular thing because ew, commitment, but May was such an exciting whirlwind of a month for my blog and my sexual adventures that I feel the need to do a roundup. And what an appropriate month to start!

Smut In The 6ix
In case you weren’t around for when I flooded Twitter with #Smut6 news, Spit Magazine and Playground Events hosted Smut In The 6ix; a celebration of smut with a conference and gala all devoted to what we love most: PORN. The panels and their lovely panelists were all so fantastic and passionate about the industry. I’m not someone who’s looking to get into porn (to be honest I wish I had that interest to complete my collection of kinks), but hearing about the ethics, the techniques, and the overall reflection of the feminist porn industry was a huge news flash for me that I very much welcomed.