How to Choose the Right Lube

sliquid naturals organic lube

Why use lube?

It’s a common (and incorrect) assumption that lube is strictly for those with dryness problems. While lube does add a whole new level of comfort to those who may be struggling with their own natural lubrication, it also adds excitement, texture, and flavour to any kind of sex. It can help with a too-big man, condom dryness, breakage, and just generally cutting down the time between arousal and actual lubrication (if it ever comes at all!)

But one lube does not fit all, both for bodies and for certain sexual acts, so when it comes to choosing the right lube, it’s not so cut and dry. Factors like materials, safety, flavours, allergies, sensations, and much more all come into play whether you’re choosing lube for the first time or the twentieth. In partnership with Lubezilla, I’ve created a big ‘ol guide for the safest and most sensual lubricant that fits your particular sexual scenario. Let’s start with the basics first…

Types of Lube

Water-based – arguably the safest way to start out with lube, water-based comes with a lot of features such as less residue, easy clean-up, no stains, and is gentle on the genitals. It may sometimes need reapplication if you’re engrossed in a particularly rigorous session, but this can be true with all types of lube, and there are plenty that hold their own.

Silicone-based – one of the longest-lasting forms of lube, this is a great option for everything from masturbation to intercourse. However, it should be noted that it’s not recommended for use with silicone sex toys. The silicone particles in the lube can sometimes bond with particles on the toy, which ends up either leaving a VERY stubborn residue or leading the toy to decay over time. Some debated this point, but I nearly lost my Tantus Sport to some Sliquid Silver, so from a first-hand perspective, I’m staying steer clear for toy use, and there are lots of great alternatives!

Oil-based – truly lasting lube has a friend in oil; you can always rely on an oil-based lube have plenty of endurance and lots of moisturizing qualities. Cons? Most notably, it’s not recommended for use with latex condoms, as it can decay the material and lead to breakage (not unlike silicone vs. silicone). On top of that, oil-based lubes are known for leaving some unfortunate stains on sheets.

Hybrid – my personal favourite, a hybrid lube has the best of both worlds: water and silicone. Based from both substances, this unique formulation means that it has the cleanliness and toy-compatibility of water-based, with the longevity and feel of silicone.

Once you know what types of lubricant can and can’t work for different sexual scenarios, you can start to explore the benefits of certain lubes that may enhance your erotic experience.


Body safety is so important when it comes to choosing something that’s to be used in such an intimate area, but sometimes even the safest lube can still give a bit of a rash or irritation to those that may be extra sensitive. Luckily, the lube market is filled with lots of organic, vegan, and all-natural lubricant to ensure your playtime will always be safe and pleasant.
Since synthetic ingredients like silicone, oils, and other flavourings can be a trigger point for some, it’s best to steer clear of these ingredients until you know for sure what you can handle. Stick to water-based lubes to start and then perhaps branch out into hybrid lubes to test the waters with a bit of added silicone.


Blossom organics lubricantBlossom Organics
Lube doesn’t get any cleaner than this; high quality, organic plant extracts with aloe, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E to leave you soft and moisturized. You’d even be surprised to find a bit of stevia extract in here, to give the lube a very subtle, natural taste without disrupting the natural pH.



sliquid organics water based lube

Sliquid Organics
Guys, you know my blog is pretty much just one giant love letter to Sliquid, right? It’s hard for me not to just yell “USE SLIQUID” when recommending lube, but I feel sure as shit that their Organics line is one of the top choices for those who want to walk on the safe side.


Anal Play

With the given fact that anal sex doesn’t come with built-in lubrication (or so we should hope), you should be on the lookout for something with a long-lived component. There are many excellent water-based lubricants manufactured specially for anal sex, but silicone is a soft, slippery alternative that you’ll never have to worry about re-applying.

It’s important to avoid anything with a desensitizing agent; pain is your body’s defense again injury, so by numbing any potential pain during anal sex, you’re masking a potential injury. Just go slow, use lots of foreplay and lube, and enjoy the sensation that goes with it, all within your natural comfort level.


pjur silicone lubePjur Silicone BodyGlide
Pjur has countless forms of safe and reliable lubricant, but you can’t beat the OG Silicone Bodyglide. Stays slick to the touch and works with only a few drops, this formula is dermatologist tested and approved to be body safe and sexually satisfying!



sliquid sassy anal lubeSliquid Sassy
Having tried this personally, I can testify to the wonder that is this thick and long-lasting water-based lube for anal play. When it comes to anal, I admit I usually prefer silicone for how smooth it is, but I’ve been working on my bottle of Sassy for over a year and still have quite a bit left. A little goes a long way!

Vagina & Vulva Play

Vaginas and vulvas are among the most sensitive considerations when choosing a lubricant. With many factors to consider – such as pH and infection – you always want to be sure of what’s going in your body. Pick something with clean and natural ingredients that will only do good for your body, while also choosing something that enhances your natural lubrication rather than taking over.


sliquid silk hybrid lubricantSliquid Silk
My one true love. I’m sorry, but I could not let a list of lubes go by without including this heavenly combination of water and silicone that absorbs into my natural lubrication like it was made for me. Never stains, easy cleanup, and in the event that I’m not able to clean up right away, it simply absorbs right in, leaving no residue or smell. It’s safe to use with toys, with condoms, and in all sexual scenarios. Yes, yes, yes!


urberlube silicone lubeUberlube
Get ready for some luxurious lovemaking with one of the best and longest-lasting silicone-based lubes out there. Packaged in a chic glass bottle that will jazz up your nightstand as well as your sex life, this silicone formula will keep the moisture going long after any natural lubrication has run out, all with no smell or taste. It’s great for anal as well and can also double as a condom-safe massage oil; like the Swiss army knife of lube!

Penis Play

Lube is under-used when it comes to solo penis masturbation; when it comes to masturbation in general, wet is best. It’s not a matter of “need” (since you managed to get along with your hand just fine this whole time), but some slippery fun can really take a quick wank from good to GREAT.


boy butter oil based lubeBoy Butter Oil Based Lubricant
Not to be spread on a cracker, boy butter feels as delicious as it sounds. The heavenly oil coats your member in a body-safe, enduring blend of coconut oil and natural silicone that still washes up easily. Go from solo play to partner play seamlessly with this luxurious lube (provided condoms aren’t involved).



mr. thick penis enlarging creamMr. Thick Penis Englarger Cream
While hardly a long-term solution, it can be fun to play around with engorged gentiles! This cream – which can be used as a topical treatment or a fun masturbation aid – stimulates the penis and temporarily enlarges all at once. Plus, it’s water-based, so it’s safe to use with condoms, toys, and clean up is easy as ever.


Oral Sex

Flavoured lube can be used for many purposes, from masking a taste (though personally, why would you want to?) to enhancing an already delicious aroma and making your partner even further irresistible.  Since sugars aren’t highly recommended for vulvas, it’s best to keep to the brands that offer an all-natural, sugar-free sweetener that won’t mess with your natural pH. Plus, it keeps the stickiness away so you won’t need to wash your hands between acts.


naturally yours flavoured lubeNaturally Yours Flavoured Lube
If variety is the spice of life, then your love life is about to get a whole lot of kick! Naturally Yours makes a full line of Stevia-sweetened, all-natural lubes to enhance your next blowjob or cunnilingus experience. Deliver slippery, sweet sensations to the recipient, and delicious flavours of chocolate-covered cherries, kiwi pomegranate and papaya mango for the eager party.


Crazy Girl Cherry Bomb Flavored Clitoral Arousal Creamcherry bomb clitoral arousal cream
While this is intended for vulva stimulation, it’s a great addition for both parties. The oral recipient gets a warming, arousing sensation, while the one performing the act gets a nice shot of flavour in cherry, lime, watermelon, and mint. Win/win!

Most unusually for a flavoured product, the ingredients hold none of the red flags for unsafe lube, including sugar! Perhaps this is the low-cal dessert you’ve both been craving…


This is oil’s time to shine! While oil doesn’t make for the safest intercourse option with condoms or the cleanest sex option in general, there’s nothing quite as slippery and satisfying as a good oil-based lube for a luxurious massage with your partner.


fifty shades of grey massage oilFifty Shades of Grey Massage Oil
It may be a questionable form of erotica, but this massage oil is everything right about the franchise. Once you get yourself hot and bothered with a quick read through your favourite chapter, break this out with your partner and get ready for some heat. Packed with natural substances like grape seed, jojoba, and starflower oils to hydrate your body as you’re pampered all over.

kama sutra massage oil


Kama Sutra Massage Therapy and Tranquility Kit
Why choose one when you truly can have it all? This massage kit from Kama Sutra delivers no less than five aromatic massage oils to enhance your intimacy, giving you the choice to test out your favourites, or surprise each other every time with this luxuriously soft oil all over your bodies.


Check out these and many (many!) more lube options from Lubezilla

This post is sponsored by Lubezilla, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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