Good Whore: That Time I Put On A Show

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We’d been only once before, to the local sex club down the road. A typical Thursday night had turned into a steamy adventure and before we knew it, we had arrived at a place with enough sexual energy to be palpable, with enough sex toys to turn any man in that place a vermillion shade of red.

Checking into a locker room, I got undressed into my red bra and panties as Patrick stripped down to his boxer briefs, already tight as we listened to moans and the sexual energy building from the next room. We grabbed a drink and took a lap; men walked around in towels, while women were either topless or adorned in skimpy lingerie. Off of a hallway there were individual rooms, each with a rope across for observers, and a door to decide when viewing time was over. Over in the corner, several men stood around an ottoman in the dungeon, taking turns with a single woman as she moaned under the cock of another man. We sat watching for a few minutes, wishing we were the ones being gangbanged, but moved along to figure out our next adventure.

We chose one of the private rooms – drawing the rope and closing the door behind us – as Patrick laid out the sex toys on a nearby couch, and I made myself comfortable on the king sized bed that awaited us. Chains dangled from the headboard and footboard, and Patrick began hastily strapping me into cuffs around my ankles, kissing up my thighs with every fastening. The chains clinked as my legs were spread wide apart, to opposite sides of the bed, allowing easy access for him or anyone else he may choose for me. I was on display, exactly as he wanted.

He climbed over me, kissing and leaning me back as he placed the Magic Wand in my free hands and directed it to my clitoris with purpose. I turned it on and the moan came out completely involuntarily as he pressed his tongue into my mouth and my hips writhed against the immediate pressure of the wand. His hand caressed my vulva, teasing my pussy as the vibrations took hold and I let out another loud moan through otherwise occupied lips. I was almost ready, and he knew it. He went over to the couch and grabbed a bottle of lube, gently squirting the cool gel all over my pussy and rubbing his fingers through my vulva for the moment, savouring the wetness.

It was time. He opened the door of the room – the rope still in a place as a universal sign for “look, but don’t touch” – and rested his knees next to my head while the wand continued to shake my body and I softly moaned for everyone to hear. There was already one onlooker in the doorway when I begged him to shove his cock in my mouth; he obliged, placing a hand on the back of my head to remind me who’s in charge. He was showing me off, and he would have it exactly his his way.

He thrust his cock into my mouth repeatedly and pressed his free hand down on the vibrator, grinding it further into my clit and forcing me to let out a scream from behind his cock, now dripping with spit. He stopped fucking my mouth for only a minute, leaning down to kiss me and whisper in my ear,

“My good little whore”

I groaned with release, hearing the words I’d long to hear since he strapped me down here, knowing I was his whore to do with as he pleased, while he made his way back to the couch to grab the large dildo that laid in wait. I caught the eye of several men hovering in the doorway, watching more than idly, as they stroked their cocks behind their towels and watched every bit of my body moan and turn with the pleasure that the wand was still giving to me. They stood against the rope, eager to come in, but knowing they couldn’t and simply had to wait to see what was next.

Another cold drip made its way down my vulva as Patrick squirted another dribble of lube all over me, wetting my pussy to take another cock. He slid the dildo in, watching so carefully, making sure he didn’t miss a single moment of seeing it fuck me and thrust it slowly, changing hands as he moved back up to my head and put his rock hard cock back in my mouth.

He fucked my mouth – hard – as he fucked my pussy with the other cock and made me cum for the first time that night. My pussy squeezed hard, nearly pushing the cock out of me before Patrick shoved it back in there every time, with vigor. I felt instant wetness on my vagina as my orgasm shortly followed, pressing into the wand and having no control over how hard or fast Patrick fucked me with the dildo.

It didn’t stop there. With every orgasm, he fucked my mouth harder, spit dripping down from his cock as it went deeper and deeper every time, holding back and ensuring he only came when he was good and ready; when he was done showing off his whore.

“Does my whore like being watched?” he teased. I nodded and moaned loudly, looking up at him with a mouth full of cock. And I did. The conversation heard inside the doorway was exhilarating; men begged to join in and talked about how this was the hottest thing they’d seen tonight. Several times they would praise us, and for every congratulatory prop that Patrick got, I knew they were just staring at my naked body as I came again and again… and again. I felt it – the pressure building, my muscles clenching as another orgasm pushed its way through the vibrations and the hard fucking my boyfriend was giving me from both sides.

“You going to come?” he asked as I screamed louder and louder onto his cock. I did my best to moan “yes” but I couldn’t hold back any more. “Tell them what you are,” he said, taking his cock away from my mouth for the first time since he’d put that dildo in me “tell them whose whore you are”

“I’m your whore!” I moaned loudly, loud enough for my growing audience to hear as he fucked me with that cock just that little bit harder so that I could cum on it one last time. I groaned as the waves washed away and I was just in a haze of ecstasy, unsure if I could take any more.

Patrick grinned at the doorway of people as he got up and walked towards it.
“Sorry guys, show’s over” and he shut the door.

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