Okay, so I don’t really get a lot of questions. But if you’re searching for more information about a specific topic, I’d like to make it as easy as possible to get your answer. These are just things I think I’d ask if I visited my blog. If what you’re looking for isn’t here, talk to me!

About Me

Who are you?
You’d be better served over on my About page

I think I know you…
If you think you know who I am, then you’re probably right. I do maintain some anonymity, but I don’t take great measures to stop the world from finding out who I am. I’m proud of my writing and my sexuality. One day I intend to use my real identity, but for the sake of my personal & professional life, I’m choosing to stay behind that thin curtain for now.
If you think you know who I am – tell me! I’d be thrilled to talk about it with you.

How long have you been doing this?
I began doing video reviews on my YouTube channel in 2010, and then stopped for a couple years because at the time I didn’t really know that I could carry on after the company I partnered with shut down. In 2015, I re-launched my reviews in a blog format and have poured my heart and soul into it ever since.

Gender? Sexuality? Relationship Status? Lifestyle?
Nosy little fuck aren’t you?
Luckily I’m very open about all of it. I am a cis-gender female and I’d classify myself as 90% straight. I am in a straight, fluid-bonded, monogamous relationship with non-monogamous fantasies.

About My Tickle Trunk

Is your name from Mr. Dressup?
Fuck yes it is. It has everything – childhood whimsy, Canadiana, and sexual undertones.

How often do you publish?
I don’t have a set schedule. Roughly once a week, but can be upwards of three times a week if I’m feeling frisky.

Why don’t your reviews have more technical info?
One thing you may notice in my writing is that I don’t spend a lot of time on the specifications of a toy – size, weight, materials, ingredients, charging, etc. This is because these are all things that can be found on the product page, and presumably you aren’t coming to me to tell you what you’ll find before and after reading my review, since I’d just be copy and pasting it from the product page anyway. My reviews are meant to share experiences – how I used it, why I liked it, what’s good, what’s bad. No reviewer will have your experieince, but by reading reviews of a product that you’re interested in, you can find out how other people found it helpful and figure out how it might be a good fit for you. I don’t want to waste your time with 3 paragraphs of info that you could (and probably have) just as easily have found on your own. I always supply links to the product page so that you can have all the facts with less bulk.

Why don’t you include more info on gay/trans/queer uses for toys?
I am 100% an advocate and lover of the LGBTQ community and rights movement and insert myself into it whenever possible. I believe more places need to consider these factors, especially sex toy retailers, and don’t believe sex toys should be gendered (or many other things, but that’s a whole other can of worms). I love that this community is such a huge part of the sex blogger community and I love learning more about it and evolving with it as it becomes a more present part of our culture as humans.
However, I will not be shamed for talking about toys from the perspective of a heterosexual cis female. See, I AM a heterosexual cis female, and I do not pretend to know how to use toys for every available gender, non-gender, or sexuality, and I will not pretend that I have any experience in such a way unless specified. Yes, my writing is biased towards my own gender and sexuality, but that is because I am sharing my own experiences only; I do try and consider these needs when applicable, but can’t always relate. If this style does not fit your needs, then I encourage you to find a blog with an author who relates to the LGBTQ community first-hand for the best experieince that you deserve!

Are the photos yours? How do you take your photos?
All original photos belong to me and may not be copied or reproduced without my permission (I’m pretty easygoing – ask!), with the exception of earlier posts, which use graphics with permission of the manufacturer or affiliate. Other exceptions include shows & clubs that either don’t permit photography of my own and/or provide photos to the public
I take my photos with a Nikon D5100 and edit all my shots in Lightroom. Most photos are just taken around my apartment with whatever backdrops I can find. If it’s a mobile photo – and I will say as much – it is shot on an iPhone 6 and potentially edited in Snapseed.

Do you offer advertising opportunities?
Yes! I offer paid advertising in the form of sponsored blog posts, banner ads, hyperlinks, and promoted social media. Contact me to discuss advertising options!

How can I follow you?
I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch and show you all my dildos, and you can also sign up for my newsletter! I send newsletters approximately once a month, and your information is always kept private! You can also keep up with me by following my RSS feed in your chosen reader.

Can my company send you toys for review? Is there anything you don’t review?
As long as they’re body-safe and in my general interest range, then I’d be happy to take a look! I give preference to companies with affiliate programs, but if you have an interesting product or shop, then reach out and maybe we can work something out! I do reserve the right to refuse any product or affiliate program based on my own preferences, and any product that is shipped without my prior knowledge is subject to my own discretion as to whether or not it will be reviewed.
In addition to refusing non-body-safe products, I also will not review any products relating to medical play, watersports, pet play, blood play, genital pain, or chastity.
Finally, if you do not have an affiliate program, I reserve the right to link to another affiliate or store in addition to a link to your website unless otherwise agreed.

Will you write for my site?
Writing is my passion as well as my day job, so I’d love to (at my own discretion), but contact me to work out a rate for your project, because my landlord recently stopped accepting payment in dildos.

Can I use your content in my site?
See above.
But really, if you want to reference part of a review or borrow some words – ASK ME. I’ll probably say yes, as long as it’s under 200 words. If I find an entire post or photos on your site – with or without credit – I will shit on your grave.

Can I write for your site? Can I be featured on your site?
If you are a writer or fellow blogger, contact me with an idea of your chosen topic and I’d be happy to talk about featuring your work on My Tickle Trunk.
If you’re a company or sexual figure looking for some extra exposure, I accept submissions for profile pieces & interviews with those in the sex & health industry at my discretion. If you’re a local Canadian business or office, I’d love to come in and talk about your shop and feature it on the blog. I love working with Canadians!

How can I send you love, adoration, advice, pubic hairs, and gold bricks?
Well, start by sending me an e-mail and we’ll go from there, k?