Godemiche: What Is Body Positivity?

What is Body Positivity by My Tickle Trunk on Godemiche

Recently, I worked with Godemiche on a post to discuss the most central question within the body-positive movement: what is it??

You can read the full post over on Godemiche (and I hope you will), but here is just a sample of what body positivity can mean for you:

It’s for everyone. Loving your body is for every person experiencing self-doubt around their physical experience, and this doesn’t just mean size. Our bodies have a lot going on, and society has a lot of ingrained behavior that likes to tell us what is right and wrong – but that in itself is wrong. The only person who can decide you look good, is you.


I don’t think I could find a straight definition of what body positivity is, because it is really so many things.


What body positivity is:

• To recognize that no body is perfect, and that we are all worthy of love no matter our perceived flaws
• To celebrate these flaws and learn to love them as a part of ourselves
• To accept ourselves and others just as we are, and to see the beauty in all bodies
• To not give in to society’s standards, just because you feel it’s the thing you should do
• To express yourself through your body – whether it be tattoos, body hair, or wearing whatever you want – because it makes you feel damn good

Read the rest of the post (including what body positivity isn’t) here!

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