Highlights Of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016

Highlights Of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016 my tickle trunk review

For the first time in a year, I’m publishing two blogs on the same day. Why? Because I don’t want to come off as negative, but I also don’t want the Everything To Do With Sex Show to read this and think that everything’s hunky dory. Because it’s not, as you can read in my other post: Problems With The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016 (And How To Fix Them!)

But that’s not what I’m here to discuss, because while it may not have lived up to my expectations, there were some bright spots and good companies that I really want to shine a light on.

Highlights Of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016 my tickle trunk review

I was initially drawn in because of a surprisingly large glass dildo they had on display. I thought it was something like a mascot for glass dildos, but no, it was a real thing. From there I marvelled at how they had glass toys I’d never seen before, but I kept moving along.

The second time I visited, I noticed they had cute We-Vibe buttons that said things like “I save sex lives” and I was dying to know if I could get one. They were awesome and gave me two, and this is before I even bought anything.

But the thing that really excelled my opinion of them was on our third round (did I mention there wasn’t much to see at this show?), when we visited the section with penis & prostate toys to find something for my partner. We had just come from a “safe” lube company’s booth that advocated all natural ingredients and lube safety. They thought having glycerin in their lube was a selling feature, and I turned over the bottle to see the first two ingredients were glycerin, and propylene glycol. Seriously?

So imagine how happy I was when the Lovedreamer rep gushed about his favourite Tenga lube with penis toys to my partner, and when I went to grab the bottle, stopped me to say “But this isn’t for internal use”

THANK YOU. To go from a “safe” brand that is basically like putting lead in your body to a big store that outright knows that not all lube can be used internally was a first for me, and made me want to bow down to whoever educated this man.

On top of that, the items were actually on sale, as opposed to just an arbitrary “sale” sticker that I swear most booths throw on their items, meanwhile hiking up the price 20% to cover their booth rental price.

Highlights Of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016 my tickle trunk review

Basically, it was so nice to meet the face behind the e-mails. I spent an inappropriate amount of time being amazed with how strong the Tango was, returning to the booth twice to hold that little bullet in my hand and continually exclaim to my partner “FEEL THIS.” When I mentioned to Helen – the We-Vibe marketing rep – that I had heard about the Tango’s awesomeness via other sex bloggers I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she was the one I had contacted only a couple days before. She was really helpful in discussing the differences in each products, and overall, it was nice to talk to literally the only sex toy manufacturing company there.

Highlights Of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016 my tickle trunk review14559973_10154184616898246_2352289656773130314_o

My Free Cams
This brings mixed feelings. On the downside, I felt like the booth was WAY too big for the amount of cam models they had. There were about 4 cam models at any given time, which is the same as Chaturbate, but in a booth 5 times the size.

But on to the bright side!

Highlights Of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016 my free cams cortanablue

First, I got to chat with Cortana Blue, who I’ve followed ever since seeing her for the first time at the Chaturbate booth last year. She’s tiny, as advertised, and it was a pleasure to finally meet the girl who got me hooked on cams.

And then, the freebies! Look at ’em all! Mugs, pens, shot glasses, sunglasses, matches, stickers, and my favourite – mini keychain vibrators! And you know what? It’s not the worst vibrator I’ve ever used! (this is)


Second year in a row! This place is always the nucleus of sex show bustle, with the girls getting creative about their laptops and their outfits, staggering themselves all around the booth. It draws a crowd, with some of the best local cam performers you could ever ask for.

Highlights Of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016 chaturbate melody kush

And I got to do what I didn’t have the stones to do last year – meet Melody Kush! Melody and I worked together a couple weeks earlier when I interviewed her for an upcoming (exciting!) piece that we’ll talk about later on, and I’ll be releasing the full interview with Montreal’s sweetheart soon!

Highlights Of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2016 my tickle trunk review

Archer’s Arena
Also the second year in a row, but this time was much better. While it was classified as “Couple’s Therapy” last year, it was simply shooting arrows at markers. This year was much more therapeutic, pitting couples against each other and dividing into teams. While my team did lose, I’m happy to say that I WAS the last to be shot out. By my boyfriend. Because love.

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