Highlights of The Everything To Do With Sex Show 2015

Last year was my first year attending the Everything To Do With Sex Show and I think you can’t truly enjoy it until you’ve been more than once. As someone who’s more than comfortable with sex and the sex industry, I don’t think I fully understood what I was walking into then. I enjoyed it, but I think between a lack of money and a still relatively new boyfriend, I didn’t know what could be there for me. We did some seminars, which were interesting, but not the excitement you expect from a sex show.

This year I had every idea of what I was going into, and it excited me. The both of us seemed much more comfortable to chat with other people and actually get information from booths. Hell, we even had a decent haul as we came home and didn’t drop an insane amount of money. This year there was more to DO rather than more to buy, and I think that’s a key component in how we can enjoy ourselves at any expo. There are countless stage acts, seminars, demonstrations, exhibitors, stores and SO much more, but these were my favourites…

everything to do with sex show 2015 toronto review

Archer’s Arena
Positioned as soon as you arrive, these guys were offering free archery to vent any frustration (dubbed as couple’s therapy). Not much to go into, but it was an absolute blast and the best part was that it was free. One thing we noticed last year was the lack of fun things to do without dropping money, so having such an interactive activity without having to dig into our wallets was a great note to start on. We’ll be keeping this place in mind for the future, especially since they give you a discount 2 weeks before your birthday just by registering at their booth!

everything to do with sex show 2015 toronto review

The Cuddle Zone
Last year my boyfriend and I, feeling all sexy and intimate, griped at how there was no place to go hang out and be together. Not a place to have sex (but it’d be nice if the zoning allowed that too), but just a place to make out that isn’t a cold chair in the seminar room. Natural sponsor The Cuddlery is an interesting service – the first in Canada – that offers cuddles and cuddle lessons, so appropriately they had a bunch of VERY large pillows and beanbags to lounge on when you’re tired of walking with a boner. Incredibly comfortable, very relaxing, and a nice chance to chat with those around you if you choose. Conducive for cuddling. 

Everything to do with sex show 2015 review

Oasis AquaLounge
We’ve been interested in Oasis for a long time and are always happy to drop by their booth to chat with their friendly staff and to ask questions. Last year they had a hot tub, but this year was a dream come true – a ball pit!! My boyfriend almost immediately hopped in with the topless girl and a man not wearing pants, neither of which I thought was the main draw. I joined moments afterwards for a friendly game of Never Have I Ever with the two girls by the tub. They were happy to let us stay and enjoy the sexy yet childlike appeal of it all, before I dragged my adult boyfriend from the ball pit so we could see the rest of the show. I know, hun.

Everything to do with sex show 2015 review

The Playroom
In the early hours of the show that we went, this corner was empty except for two exhibitors and a suitcase full of toys. The guy here really knew his stuff – he provided a few tips about buying bondage gear from tack shops instead of adult stores (bondage tape, riding crop, paddles) – this was such good advice! Plus we tried out a Violet Wand – a form of electro play – and showcased all the different things it could do and sensations you could explore. Not for me personally as my thin skin busted open on a fluke zap, but I do love to learn.

everything to do with sex show 2015 toronto review lustco

This is the main reason I was giddy like a child on Christmas morning by the time we left, clutching a box full of sex toys, positively trembling to get home and open my new present to myself.
Lustco is a subscription box service that offers 8-12 sex toy products a month for $39.95 – by signing up, we took home November’s box that day – even better, I got December’s box for free! Subscription boxes always seemed like a nice idea, but I never cared for random snacks or pet products that always seem to take up space. Sex toys however are FAR more exciting to me, and 8-12 products for $40? That was a steal in itself, let alone the free box. You can expect to see more on them from this blog later, and I’ll have a nice variety of reviews coming from it.

Everything to do with sex show 2015 review

I actually worked a shift as door staff on the first night while this booth was by the door, and these girls were all I could look at. They were beautiful, engaging, perky – everything you need in a cam model. As a straight woman, they were so sexy I couldn’t take my eyes off them, and I of course went home that night to research Chaturbate. I found their channels and watched how charming they were and it was strangely addicting, but the site itself was a great concept with free cams for men, women, and couples. While the cams are free, the models are paid in tips, and it’s here that the charisma and personality really shines through. It’s an interesting shift in the porn industry, but cams are taking over from traditional video, and it’s fascinating to think that these workers are perceived as human as ever. I think I used to judge cam girls a bit but after watching it and browsing, I can see there’s an art form in it that truly fascinates me.

ASLAN Leather
I’d seen the name before at their studio on Queen & Bathurst in Toronto, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how high quality and versatile all their leather restraints were. They were nicely padded for comfort (as all their products are), and D-hooks meant they could hook in many positions and attach to other restraints, leashes, collars, or harnesses. These are investment products, with a set of heavy duty, maroon leather cuffs going for $170, but it’s the only way to go if bondage is a regular part of your lifestyle.

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