How To Organize & Store Sex Toys

How To Store & Organize Sex Toys

Any sex toy blogger will confirm that as soon as companies start sending you stuff, you’re growing out of your toy box like it’s a pair of baby shoes. The first incarnation of my tickle trunk was a chic metal box from Homesense marked “Tools” that I thought was a clever disguise. Between you and I, I think my Dad might have gone in there while renovating my apartment, but I digress.

I recently upgraded to a new trunk that I can already see myself growing out of, but it’s so PRETTY that I just don’t care. I love to organize my hobbies and seeing a case of nicely displayed sex toys makes my heart skip a beat.

When searching online for ways to store sex toys, I found the results lacking. All boxes specifically made for toys seemed only large enough to hold one or two; other more innovative ones like JoyBoxx were a little bigger, but ultimately lacked the organization and overall size I was looking for. It didn’t seem unreasonable to want to have some kind of organization so that I wasn’t rooting through a pile of jelly penises in the heat of the moment, and it surprised me that it wasn’t a more common concept.

My inspiration came from glancing at my old Caboodle makeup case, with its collapsible shelves, durable exterior, and lockable handles; all I needed was the largest available option, and one without a cardboard or fabric interior.

Shany Pro Makeup Train Case - How To Organize & Store Sex ToysI bought the Shany Pro Makeup Train Case from for $60 CAD and it 100% fits the bill. The interior is non-porous plastic that is easily cleaned, while the compartments have removable dividers to customize placement of toys and other smaller accessories. The bottom is a large area with optional dividers to split up the space, while both sides have full, expandable shelving for optimal storage.

This case fits even my largest toys (balls included), with the exception of my giant Magic Wand (it actually would fit if I removed the dividers from the bottom area and placed in on an angle, in case it’s that important to you), but the smaller shelves make it perfect to store butt plugs, mini-vibes, glass dildos, cock rings, and even little sample sizes of lube.

I never intended to use this for travel but on my first trip away with my partner we brought literally the whole kit ‘n Caboodle! And it was fantastic. Easily portable, durable, even comes with a shoulder strap in case you’re already bogged down with luggage. It wasn’t a pain to haul around – there’s a reason makeup artists rely on these!

Shany Pro Makeup Train Case - How To Organize & Store Sex Toys

But as I said, I’m already growing out of it with new toys coming in monthly. I’m sure in the near future I’ll upgrade to a drawer set that will be very organized but very large. I liked the trunk because it was a middle ground between the top drawer of your nightstand and a 5-drawer dresser that will have people asking why you have so many clothes.

That said, I have a dream. I dream of a custom-built cabinet divided into three sections; the bottom half would be drawers with dividers to fit all my toys and lubes, the left half would be a mini close of sorts to hang my sexy outfits, and the remaining right half would be a cupboard with tiny hooks to hang any whips, blindfolds, and other bondage accessories. Now hiring skilled woodworkers.

Get a closeup of My Tickle Trunk here to see how I have it organized. Everything from dildos to batteries. And yes, a couple non-silicone toys remain in bags to prevent… yuckiness.

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