Make Me Feel Something

sensation play erotic story big oh box my tickle trunk

I wanted to feel something. Anything. It was why I went there that night, to the bar on the corner that I’d frequented so many times before, but I’m not sure why. Same beer, same music, same regulars; every night, the same people looking for the same thing – something different, in the same place.

He was different, though. I’d never seen his tattoos, his defined arms, his black hair contrasted against ice blue eyes. He was the only thing different in that entire place. We barely needed words; one drink, a brush of the arm, a grab of the ass, and here we are, with his hands around my wrists, pinned above my head, against his bedroom wall and thrusting into me with his kiss.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes, tilting his head to the right with a coy idea, and leaned in with his breath hot on my ear, whispering the only thing I ever wanted from tonight.

“I want to make you feel something”

I moaned with release as he walked away, returning with a sultry look and his set of leather restraints. Next thing I knew, I was pushed onto the bed, my shirt pulled over my head, and swiftly strapped to the headboard with the supple, cold leather resting upon my wrists. It was intoxicating, feeling this helpless with a virtual stranger, and yet lusting for more that was sure to come.

“Close your eyes” he ordered, and I did so with pleasure, feeling a soft sheet of satin glide its way across my eyelids and secured with confidence. I truly was helpless now, and tingling with anticipation.

sensation play erotic story big oh box my tickle trunk

My ears were my guides as I heard the distinct, metallic sound of a chain jingling from his hand. The question of what this could be briefly flashed through my mind, but all questions vanished as I began to feel the cold metal run past my panties and up my bare stomach to reach my chest. He playfully dragged the small chain between my breasts and circled the cool material around my nipples, making them hard instantly, which he took advantage of with his warm mouth caressing and nibbling each one. Only briefly, just to tease. Next thing I felt was a sharp, pleasurable pinch as he clipped the chain onto each of my hardened nipples, letting the weight of the metal hang from my breasts.

sensation play erotic story big oh box my tickle trunk“One more thing before we get started” he proposed, as he slid off my panties and kissed his way over my mound, resting only for a second to lick my clit with fervor before removing the panties entirely and running his hand up and down the lips, priming me for more. A low buzz erupted off to the side, and I smiled, knowing full well his plan to tease me to the point where I’d beg to cum. The lubed up vibrator slid between my lips as he teased, running it past my clit several times before just holding it there; only light enough to make me moan, but not enough to let me cum. That bastard.

sensation play erotic story big oh box my tickle trunk“What now?” I inquired playfully, a devilish smile coming across my face, clearly begging for more. No answer. My answer simply lay in the next sinful tool, as he pressed down hard on the vibrator, a moan erupting from my mouth as if involuntarily, and ran another metal instrument over my skin. The tingle and pricks of a slightly spiked wheel ran along milky inner thighs as my senses heightened and I became aware of a new smell… a match?

With my suspicions confirmed, I felt a sudden, piercing heat that cooled to comforting warmth quickly enough. Streams of hot wax stretched from my lower stomach, all the way up to my breasts, with candle wax dripping down even further off the metal of the nipple clamps. I gasped with every surprising jolt of warmth, and moaned happily as it turned into a sensual heat that reminded me of his soft touch; reminded me of how a stranger could really make me feel.

Wax from the hot candle continued to drizzle along my torso, taking me between hot ecstasy and cool chills as he used his other hand to grind the vibrator into me, forcing a moan from deep within me and bringing me to the edge. With my vulva wet, my nipples sensitive, and my hands squirming against the leather cuffs, he removed the vibrator, pulled me close and thrust the vibrator into my pussy as we began the rest of the night…

sensation play erotic story big oh box my tickle trunk

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big oh box my tickle trunk

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