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my bedroom spice podcast my tickle trunk

That’s ME!!!

I’m thrilled to join the sex blogging elite in sitting down with Kylie of My Bedroom Spice to chat about everything from dildos and dirty talk to the ever-elusive G-spot “O”. Learn more about My Tickle Trunk and how I was thrust into this crazy world. I had a LOT of fun doing this and I hope you’ll take some time while doing the dishes to delve into some dirty stuff with us.

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“It’s sad that people have to learn in a way how sex toys integrate from your life through porn.  You don’t always need to thrust a vibrator, there’s no shame in having multiple toys for multiple areas.  There’s no shame in not even having an orgasm, because sex is fun!  I spent years using toys all wrong, because that’s what media taught me…”

– Charlotte

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