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ovo e6 rabbit vibrator review my tickle trunk blog

The OVO E6 has a unique feature, in that it’s the first double-ended vibrator that I’ve ever had the experience of owning; it has one end that features the classic rabbit design, while the other is a bit more thick and rounded and features its own vibrator for internal use. For that reason, this review will be split into two chucks to highlight both ends of this dual-purpose vibe…

I’ll be frank – rabbits, more often than not, suck. And I didn’t have a lot of hope for the E6 when I pulled it out of its clean, white box to find the tiniest, most confusing rabbit layout I could have imagined. The arms have only an inch of difference in length; they’re shockingly thin, flat, and short. I may not be a typical size queen, but I do have some expectations when it comes to toys, and that expectation is that I won’t have ample room to jiggle the toy around inside me. I immediately couldn’t imagine the stimulation to be particularly exciting.

ovo e6 rabbit vibrator review my tickle trunk blogWeird sizing aside though, I was surprised at how the placement of the arms wasn’t as bad as I expected. I could feel the internal arm just making contact with my G-spot, almost teasing it, and the rabbit arm was flat, long, and broad enough that it rested lightly on my clit, and would probably work better with more anatomies than the average rabbit is capable; you could probably also thrust with this layout a bit easier than most rabbit vibes.

However, none of this was enough. With both arms being extremely flexible and providing no real pressure for either part of me, there wasn’t much chance for either of them to stimulate either of their respected erogenous zones. The external arm really did just lightly sit on my clit, and the arm that touched my G-spot was more of a tickle. The vibrations didn’t aid this either…

I’ve talked before about how some vibrators don’t seem to make it past the surface. They lay there and buzz and it does all but tickle the areas that should be thrilled. Unfortunately, the vibrations in the rabbit end provide this same lazy stimulation that does nothing but call attention to vibrations that are doing nothing to benefit me.

That said, I did leave the rabbit end in me while I wrote out a few thoughts (not generally a sign of a great vibrator), and I did notice that it turned me on a lot. It vibrates in the right place just enough that it gets me going, but can’t get me anywhere near orgasm. Only really useful for warming up, but at that point, I’d rather use a rabbit that can start me off and can get me there, like my LELO Ina.

ovo e6 rabbit vibrator review my tickle trunk blog

The rabbit end of the OVO E6 could learn something from the standard vibrator end, namely the vibrations. It’s a completely different motor on this side – stronger, more rumbly. Combined that with a thicker shape that fills me and stimulates more inside of me, and it really is a shame that this doesn’t hold true with the rabbit end. It’s also a shame that internal vibrations alone don’t do a whole lot for me personally. However as a standalone vibrator, this one end definitely outshines the rabbit, and definitely proves that one toy doesn’t need to do two jobs (and usually shouldn’t). I was pleasantly surprised by this motor, given the unfortunate omen of the rabbit vibrations, and let’s not forget the buzzy little experiment that was OVO’s other reviewed toy here, the S1.

ovo e6 rabbit vibrator review my tickle trunk blog

Overall, the toy is a beautiful fuchsia (not “lilac” like they seem to think neon pink is) with silky, non-clingy silicone. I can’t deny the aesthetic value, and even the standalone vibrator does a pretty decent job, but this toy tried to tackle too much as once. A proper rabbit vibe with the right proportions would probably be better received, fuzed with the more powerful engine of the internal standalone vibrator.

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This product was provided by OVO in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to OVO for their contribution.






    • Silky Smooth Silicone
    • Good Arm Placement
    • Strong Standalone Motor


    • Weak Rabbit Vibrations
    • Small, Short, Flat Arms
    • Not Enough Contact

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