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my tickle trunk review pebble motor ooh je joue

I’m going through a clit vibe phase. Not sure why I’m calling it a phase, since the first 27 years of my life saw only clit-based orgasms, but I’ve decided that my ass and vagina have seen a lot of action lately – the bean gets a turn. Which is why when I was presented the option to try a shape from Ooh Je Joue’s interchangeable, rechargeable line of silicone shapes & vibrators, the Pebble seemed like a natural choice.

It comes in what’s probably the most adorable yet minimal packaging I’ve seen for a sex toy. I love the vivid colours, the individual bags, and the cheeky little lips that add a sexy but fun tone to the simple toys. Normally I’d never waste your time by talking about something you’re probably going to throw away, but it really was beautiful.

my tickle trunk review pebble motor ooh je joueWhat I love most is that it doesn’t really look like a vibrator. I took these photos on a rock beach in broad daylight (more like direct sun, says my sunburn) with a guy walking his dog nearby. Unlike shooting photos of anal beads and vibrators, I had no problem displaying this lovely yellow enigma. I even bring it freely when I’m travelling because it’s easy enough to tell people that it’s a pill case!

As some background, Ooh by Je Joue is a range of silicone, mix ‘n match shapes that are compatible with a replaceable motor. The current available shapes include the Pebble, the Classic Vibrator, and the Cock Ring, with others becoming available soon (and I eagerly await). I think every shape gives a very unique experience, because the large Ooh motor is definitely strong enough that I’d like to give it a try with something like the Classic to really get the full experience.

The vibrations come in more of a wave of pulsations that’s hard to describe. Not enough to really notice while in use, but the low buzz definitely presents a “wom-wom-wom” sound as opposed to the typical bee (please tell me someone understood that). It’s quiet enough to have with housemates, and even as I did one last run for this review, I didn’t need to worry that my Mum was brushing her teeth right below me.

The low setting is certainly on the weak side. The most I can expect of it is to wake up a very sleepy vulva, who wasn’t even considering being turned on (which works). The tiny little engine just putters away on my clit, and it’s fine, but not stimulating by any means. The bonus is that if I’m, say, browsing for porn, I can keep the little Pebble on my clit for a long time without it going numb, while still keeping me turned on. I wouldn’t be able to climax from it unless I was super concentrated and turned on, and that sounds like work.

my tickle trunk review pebble motor ooh je joue

Hitting the medium and high settings, that’s where the rest of the power is. It does mean a bit more buzziness, but pressed down on my clit enough, it will absolutely get the job done discreetly. The stimulation is quite broad; I rarely need pinpoint stimulation, so I can get by, but even I admit that it can sometimes be a bit elusive for my needs as well. Maybe if the pebble had a tiny bit more of a point (and was named the Arrow or something) then it would serve a better purpose for all. But the round shape does work in its own way, and the adorable factor makes up for any downfall.

The battery life is surprisingly good – I charged it when I got it a few weeks ago and I’ve used it about half a dozen times with no end in sight. Finally, a toy I can use and abuse without wanting to cry halfway through masturbation. It also helps that turning it on isn’t something you can do accidentally, and just as well, as it doesn’t come with any storage system (unless you keep the cute little baggies).

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This product was provided by Venus Envy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Venus Envy for this contribution.

Pebble by Ooh Je Joue

Pebble by Ooh Je Joue




    • Quiet
    • Discreet
    • Interchangable Options
    • Affordable


    • Broad Stimulation
    • Buzzy

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