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Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman by Erica Hart Review my tickle trunk

My newest review for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel is not a toy, but a book! Role play is a fascinating but completely unknown territory for me, but fantasy-fulfilling newbies may be able to find solace in Erica Hart’s Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman! With detailed scripts ranging from the shy to the shocking, check out my review of this guide to making your sexual dreams come true. (click here to read the full review!)

Like most things, (especially sex “guides”) there’s good and bad. The good is that the Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman book can provide an anxious first-timer with the inspiration and confidence to move forward with guidance. Someone like me – who, when my partner requested that I dom him, literally Googled “how to dom my partner” – might feel completely ill-prepared in new sexual territory. I’m a researcher, and if I’m going blind into something as delicate as sex, I’ll read every word you give me (a practice that I’m sure got me into some awkward moments in my early years of Cosmo).

… I’m sure Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman was created for a very specific type of couple, but I can’t help but gripe at how it’s specifically for heterosexual couples, and even more specifically for the woman. There are a quite a few gender assumptions in the book (ex. “men love women who are naughty in bed”), and even the text on the cover about “blowing his mind” sort of holds a patriarchal tone, where as the modern woman ought to be worried about her own satisfaction as well.

Read the whole review over at Cara Sutra!

Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman

Role Play Scripts for the Modern Woman




    • Detailed Scripts
    • 12 Fantasies
    • Tips & Tricks


    • Directed At Hetero
    • Needs More Uncommon Fantasies

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