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my tickle trunk review romeo good vibrations pleasure works

*fights urge to open with stereotypical Romeo & Juliet reference*
*fights hard*

If you’re thinking of buying the Romeo, I come with one word of warning: it is small. I mean sure, the measurements even say that it’s less 1” in diameter and 6” tall, but if you’re like me, measurements mean nothing when you have an idea in your mind. When I spotted this, I got flashes of the Tantus Ripple, and immediately compared it as an equal. Of course I know now that my Ripple is a bit of a beast compared to sweet little Romeo, so rather than a comparable twin, it’s more like the premature runt of the beaded dildo litter.

my tickle trunk review romeo good vibrations pleasure works

It’s appropriate that this toy is named Romeo, because it really is meant for the wooing, romantic stage of anal play. The beads have a very gradual expansion that can be inserted in my tight ass even without warm-up (in fact it was my starter toy in my recent anal adventure) and help to loosen you up with gentle thrusting and a lot of stimulation.

my tickle trunk review romeo good vibrations pleasure worksI seem to have a pretty petite rectum, so the length is at my maximum capacity, which works if you’re wanting to use it as more of a plug; the plug functions works even better because of its thin base that can fit easily between your cheeks. Even if you’re worried about length, the silicone is very flexible and because it’s so small and thin, has no problem conforming to your… butt shape? Basically, if it’s too long for you, it won’t be impossible to insert all the way, and it won’t be uncomfortable. You can even see in the photos that it’s bent a bit from various uses and is so slender that it can be moulded any way. It’s the runt and it can’t even hold its own form, the poor fella.

But really, I love the simplicity of Romeo. It really stands out as a perfect beginner anal toy, or even for an anal pro who just needs a lot of warm up.

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This product was provided by Good Vibrations in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Andy at Good Vibrations for this contribution.

Romeo by Pleasure Works

Romeo by Pleasure Works




    • Great Starter Toy
    • Flexible
    • Can Be Used For Plug Or Dildo Use


    • May Bend Too Easily

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