Review: B Swish Bcute Pearl + Bfilled Vibrating Plug

Bswish Bcute Classic Pearl review my tickle trunk

I never know what to do with little toys like this – too small to do much for insertion, but bigger than a simple bullet, so the size seems wasteful on a tiny little clitoris. I decided that the B Swish Bcute Pearl vibe was an external-use toy, but it wouldn’t stop me from giving it a go elsewhere!

Now, I’m going to do another mini review within this one, and mention that I have another B Swish toy – the Bfilled Vibrating Plug. I scored this for $5 at the previously mentioned Come As You Are annual sale (RIP), and it was my first, highly coveted vibrating plug. It’s a big one too, at 2.5” girth – they don’t call it Bfilled for nothing!

Bswish Bcute Classic Pearl review my tickle trunk

The B Swish Bfilled Plug

But when it came time to use it – with its nifty little remote and a lot of lube – it felt… meh. The vibrations didn’t really rock my world (nor my partner’s), and it didn’t even really feel like the plug was vibrating all that much. I shrugged, thinking that maybe my ass just wasn’t receptive to vibrations, and shelved the idea of a vibrating plug for another day.

Bswish Bcute Classic Pearl review my tickle trunkAnd then I got the Bcute Pearl. I admired its beautiful, silky, purple silicone and a cluster of “pearls” for texture (not sure why my clit cares, but sure) before shoving a battery in that bad boy and firing it up.
I held it in my hand for a second, connecting the dots. This felt exactly like my Bfilled plug! So behind all the beauty and form of every B Swish toy hides a hamster wheel of a motor. It’s a shame, and I hate that I don’t love these products – they seem to be well made and with great concepts, but with a motor that could have come off a wind-up set of chattering teeth. When it sits in my hand, buzzing away, it’s motionless, like a couple Mexican jumping beans are simply trying to get out of this rock hard exterior.

As for internal use, it’s pretty much too small to do anything. Inserting this thing fully into my vagina would lead it on a wild journey in which it would surely be lost, so any true internal stimulation isn’t really realistic.

Bswish Bcute Classic Pearl review my tickle trunk

One bright side: I love the shape – that little group of pearls at the tip feel great when inserted. I was so conflicted when I tried it vaginally because I was expecting the vibrations to feel like nothing – which they did – but then something felt… nice. I’m not a texture person; I‘ve said time and time again that I just cannot feel texture, and when I can, it’s not a good way. So I was conflicted when I could feel those little bulbs moving back and forth inside of me and felt… good. I’ve never felt texture in a pleasurable way, so I will give B Swish some adequate credit in finding a shape that works for me.

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This product was provided by B Swish in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to B Swish for this contribution.

B Swish Bcute Classic Pearl

B Swish Bcute Classic Pearl




    • Great Shape
    • Quality Silicone & Design


    • Weak Vibrations
    • Too Small For Internal Use

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