Review: B-Vibe Trio

review b-vibe trio butt plug review

The B-Vibe Trio bore the tragedy of coming into my life around the same time my lust for anal play was at an all-time low. It comes and goes, unfortunately, and the first time I used this, it felt cool but… foreign. I do, however, give it credit for reminding why I love anal play so much, and for reigniting my love of butt stuff.

As it sounds, The B-Vibe Trio sports 3 separate motors within one butt plug (in the tip, middle, and neck), all of which can be operated manually, or with the included handheld remote.

That said, it loses points for ease of use. I did find it sort of difficult to pair up the remote and the plug at first, trying to decipher the button patterns needed to do so. However, my biggest problem would have to be the remote, for a couple reasons. One is that it runs off those stupid button batteries that one never has on hand, and the other is probably because it turns on too easily while it’s sloshing around its handy hard-shell case. I more than once found it glowing purple like an idiot while the plug was nowhere in sight, and I think this is what ended up killing the battery after only a couple uses (and of course, I’m normal, so I don’t have an extra). Either that or I’m much thicker than I think and can’t remember how to turn it on, but doubtful; little “power” button in the centre, yeah?

review b-vibe trio butt plug review

So thanks to my dead remote, I had to switch to manual control, which is a bit of a mood killer. It leads to me reaching around to my bottom and fiddling with the giant base to find a mode I liked, while trying to remember which part of the toy was vibrating for future reference. As if your purple, glowing anus isn’t laughable enough, now you’ve got to stall everything to play with it for a bit, provided your arms can reach that far.

review b-vibe trio butt plug reviewBut that’s really all the bad notes I can give it. The Trio itself is fantastic, and takes on what I’ve decided is my favourite shape – long and thin. Less because I like length, more because it goes in easily with lots of lube and no warm up (at least for me!) The vibrations are good and rumbly in all of its three motors, of which my favourite was the motor in the neck, for anus stimulation; this would probably differ for prostate owners, but my lack of such a thing means you’ll just have to explore this option for itself (which I’m sure is lovely, based on the rest of the toy’s abilities)

The Trio is great for anal newbies and pros alike. The base is on the larger side, for sure, but surprisingly I didn’t find too intrusive with a dildo in my vagina and the plug in my ass. B-Vibe makes 3 levels of plugs that are sized progressively; The Novice, The Trio, and The Rimming Plug. The Trio is the goldilocks of B-Vibe plugs, sitting right in the middle at “just right.” I’m actually really glad I have this size, as my initial interest was is the Rimming Plug, which, while still intriguing, is the next size up from this, and I find this size to be perfect.

review b-vibe trio butt plug review

One last thing that does leave me confused is the fact that the plug is only splash-proof. Typically, when a toy uses magnets to charge as The Trio does, it’s in an effort to retain the waterproof capability of that toy, but this just gives a big “fuck you” to that concept. It’s not a huge issue for me, but when cleaning toys, I do just like to chuck them into the sink under running water while I clean them one by one, but The Trio doesn’t make that cut unfortunately.

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This product was provided by B-Vibe in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to B-Vibe for their contribution.

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