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my tickle trunk review big oh! box booty subscription

Big Oh! Box has thrown their hat into the adult subscription box game and they’ve done so with class and diverse, sex-positive options. In their subscription service, you will have the choice between “With Oh! Friend” and “Sol-Oh!” – boxes tailored for partnered and individual use, respectively. Following this selection, you get to customize your box by choosing your pleasure; dual stimulation, vibrator, back door, or male stroker – I really love their level of customization, and not restricting it to a specific gender.

A couple months ago, I was lucky enough to win a quarter subscription of Big Oh! Box; I couldn’t wait to review it, and review it I will. However, upon finding out that the dual stimulation vibrator was the unfortunate California Exotics Impress Hope, Big Oh! Box very kindly sent me one of their Bundled Boxes – the Booty Box – so that I could review a full package apart from the faulty toy. So let’s dive into not one, but TWO Big Ohs!

my tickle trunk review big oh! box booty subscription

The Box
As a Canadian, it’s a common gripe I have with most adult companies who ship through the mail – the customs labeling. It was bothersome when I was handed a box shamelessly labeled “adult novelties, lubricants, candy, batteries”, and it was even more bothersome as my over-the-hill postman squinted and analyzed the box for a solid minute as he tried to stumble over the pronunciation of my name. I’ve come to accept that the postal staff knows full well what I’m up to, but being face-to-face with an analytical mailman and a blinking “THERE ARE SEX THINGS IN HERE” sign was a bit blushing.

For the Big Oh! Subscription box, I was dinged $18 for duty & taxes; since this wasn’t technically a review, and simply a contest prize, I was fine with the penalty. Just something to keep in mind if you’re an international buyer. With the Booty Box being sent for review, this wasn’t an issue.

The box is a lovely branding effort – “Big Oh! Box” is printed repeatedly, adding a lovely impression upon opening and peeling away the black and red tissue. I loved all of the packaging – so much so that I discarded the box with chagrin after several days of it occupying floorspace in anticipation of my cat moving in. I’m sorry to say that he still prefers his Lustco box for that.

The Booty Box had no scent (I mean, I think we should be thankful for that…) but The Big Oh! Box smelled lovely upon opening it – the fragrance of honey and berries wafted out and immediately set the tone for my unboxing, and soon I would find out why.

Contents: Big Oh! Box
When Big Oh! Box first contacted me, I had seen several reviews of their Q1 package and it excited me; a flogger, a paddle, some silky restraints; it was all very classy-kinky and I’d hoped that the Q2 box I was receiving would be up a similar alley. It was not, but instead following a new theme of erotic accessories:

  • California Exotics Impress Hope Dual Stimulation Vibrator
  • Kama Sutra “Honey Dust” Kissable Body Powder in Honeysuckle
  • Shunga Body Painting Kit In Vanilla & Chocolate
  • System JO H20 Personal Lubricant
  • JO Simply Clean Intimacy Wipes
  • Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil Candle Trio
  • Bissinger’s Fig Balsamic Truffle Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries

my tickle trunk review big oh! box booty subscription

So it looks like each quarter follows a theme – last one being light bondage, this was cheesy love scene. I for one am not into erotic accessories. I own a body-slide kit, body paint, body powder, massage oils, SEVEN massage candles, and a kit that turns bathwater into lube. I didn’t buy any of this, I never buy erotic products, but it seems like every subscription box has to include these. I think it’s just bad timing that I got the quarter that is packaged with all sorts of ooey gooey love stuff.

My bias aside, I really admire the selection of products (and the lovely scent they added to the box), and even though they aren’t typically my thing, I did enjoy many of the accessories. The edible body paint is a creamy white texture that looks like cum and makes for a pretty sexy visual in oral play. The JO lube is much better than I remember, and I’ve always wanted intimacy wipes (that work great!) The Honey Dust contributed to the aroma that the box first emitted upon opening, as well as the rich chocolate (to be honest, I’m scared to try balsamic chocolate). It really is a sexy sensory overload.

I’d be curious to know what other themes would be coming up, but I think since it’s only quarterly, a more diverse selection of erotica, props, and toys mixed together would be a decent value for those who might be trying the service for the first time.

Contents: Booty Box

my tickle trunk review big oh! box booty subscriptionI’m happy to say that the Booty Box was an awesome surprise. Just as the Booty Box page says, the following contents were included:

  • 4.2 oz Sliquid Sassy
  • Doc Johnson Mood Double Naughty Butt Plug
  • Swipes Lovin Wipes
  • Mighty Tidy Toy Cleaner

It’s an awesome selection. Every butt-lover will tell you how Sliquid Sassy is da bomb, especially for something water-based, and this is my first time having more than a sample pack. It’s thick yet smooth, and coats really well so it makes anal pleasure that much better. I think my only gripe is that with any of the kits that include Sliquid H2O, they get the large bottle, while the Sassy customers get the small.
This water-based lube is exactly what you need for the silicone double butt plug included with this pack, which is also pretty bitchin’. The plug tip is the perfect length and width for dual penetration without being too much, while the beaded tip goes in and out as smoothly as a glass toy without being too much beaded stimulation.

I really like everything in this box – more intimacy wipes, and I always welcome a new toy cleaner (with a label so adorable that I may dump all future cleaners into it). I know it’s not the pleasant quarterly surprise that is the Big Oh! Box, but it’s a great package to give as a gift… potentially to yourself.

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big oh box my tickle trunk

I was lucky enough to win a quarterly Big Oh! Subscription Box – this box was reviewed from my own personal collection. Booty Box was provided by Big Oh! Box in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Big Oh! Box for their contributions.

Big Oh! Box

Big Oh! Box




    • High Quality Products
    • Body-Safe
    • Well-Known Brands
    • Great Branding


    • Possible Customs Charge For Inernational
    • Quarterly Boxes Follow A Theme

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