Review: Blush Aria Hue G

Blush Hue G Review My Tickle Trunk

Ever since I confirmed my own existence of a G-spot last summer, I’ve been whoring around with every curved vibrating object that will fit in my vagina. Much like my cat’s fascination with his decorative genitals, I can’t seem to stay away from this seemingly new sensation (which will happen when the previous 27 years were clit-tastic), so when someone offers me a new G-spot toy, well, come on.

The Hue G by Blush combines many of my all-time favourites – G-spot action, fun colours, and a classic pun. That said, the pun doesn’t accurately reflect the Hue G – it is not, in fact, huge (GET IT?). This compact little G-spot vibe just has a way of narrowing in on the sweet spot without any extra bulk; very compact and flexible. It’s waterproof and made with body-safe silicone with surprisingly rumbly vibrations resonating all the way through the device – impressive for the little AAA batteries it sports.

Blush Hue G Review My Tickle Trunk

First off, like every other Blush product I’ve tried, it’s quiet; put it under a blanket and in your body and you’ve basically reached Bird Of Prey levels of stealth. I think my only complaint comes with turning it on – the single button (I think) required you to push and hold to turn it on, and click to change speeds. Pretty standard. Unfortunately this approach only worked 80% of the time and sometimes it would take me a minute to get the right pattern in place to get it turned on. I think I’m in the majority of preferring a minimum of two buttons – one for power, another for speed/modes.

However that single button has one very redeeming quality, and it’s not talked about enough on this style of toy.

The curved shape is specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot which, of course, is in a specific spot – not much leeway there. However I’ll find that over the course of a few minutes, I might lose my grip or get carried away and the toy will shift so that the curve is no longer pointing upward and thereby just jabbing my vaginal canal blindly. Maybe for other women this is immediately noticeable and they have no problem correcting the orientation, but I have to take it out, reposition it so it’s pointing up, and go again. My vagina is not some bundle of super-sensitive nerve endings that can pick up on textures or even apparently the direction of stimulation, so I feel foolish when this happens.

Blush Hue G Review My Tickle Trunk

The button may be finicky, but it IS on the side of the toy that should be pointing up! So while I’m using it, I can feel with my hands where to button is and know for sure that it’s in the right place. A simple identifying feature like that on an otherwise cylindrical toy is the simple yet necessary addition I’d like to see on all toys. Well that and handles. We’ve put handles on everything in existence, so why is half the work of masturbation STILL keeping a grip on my damn fuck stick??

As you can guess, I very much enjoy this bright little vibe. I mention in my Arielle review that I relied on a standard G-spot vibe to get the job done when it fell short, and that’s exactly what this is. It’s quick and to the point and has successfully given me orgasms every time I’ve used it; my vagina reports to me that those are good stats.

On top of that, it’s just PRETTY. I get a bit sick of your typical sex toy options: pink, purple, black, skin-tone (has anyone ever perfected the latter?) So when I saw the entire Aria vibrator line available in neon green, vibrant orange, rich plum, and hot pink, I was dying to try one out. I really do want something in every colour.

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This product was provided by Blush Novelties in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Blush for their contribution.

Blush Aria Hue G

Blush Aria Hue G




    • G-Spot Stimulation
    • Button Placement
    • Pretty
    • Good Vibrations


    • Single Button Function
    • Not Anal Safe

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