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Blush Arielle Review My Tickle Trunk

The rabbit vibe is a sound concept – G-spot stimulation combined with some light clit-tickling is a recipe for an out-of-this-world orgasm. I’ve used some rabbit vibes with results ranging from life changing to blue balling, but the overall design has always lacked one capability: thrust.

See, that little “rabbit” tip is so precise and so dainty that you basically have to keep it on your clit the whole time to get any benefit from the vibe, and that’s fine. However once in a while I want the super-powerful orgasm of a rabbit combined with the pounding action that comes with thrust, and you just can’t do that without losing contact with your clit.

I believe that’s why Arielle was designed. The shape immediately intrigued me, and the beauty of body-safe silicone in such a vibrant colour really filled me with high hopes. I was enticed by how close together the shaft and stimulator were positioned and it even looked like a thin enough toy that I might be able to use it during sex a-la We-Vibe. I had questions, so Blush gave me answers.

Blush Arielle Review My Tickle Trunk

First, I was pretty much wrong about the use-during-sex thing – let’s just get that out of the way now. We tried, it worked, but the end was a bit too bulky to really make it work and/or be pleasurable.

The first couple times I used it, it felt nice; the AAA battery vibrations are definitely on the buzzy side as opposed to deep and rumbling, but buzzy works for me sometimes. I think I’d like it more if the vibrations started a bit higher – I had to set my phasers to stun just to get anywhere near an orgasm, and unfortunately the first couple times I used it, near orgasm was a good as it got.

During those times I used it like any other rabbit – I held it in, used gentle movement, side-to-side, wiggling it around – all the ways that had lead me down that great path before with my rabbits. And it got me… kind of there. Eventually I got so tired of expecting an orgasm any second now though that I just grabbed a standard G-spot vibe to finish the job. I was surprised that a beautiful and well-designed toy like Arielle wasn’t becoming my new favourite.

Blush Arielle Review My Tickle TrunkThen one day, I wanted the pounding. I had an urge to grab a dildo and go to town, but I was frankly too lazy to find a clit toy or plug in my wand, so I gave her another shot. This time I did what I always wanted to do – I thrust. And you know what? Fucking incredible.

The flexible “rabbit” stimulator is made to sit so close to the body that rather than constantly go up and down and lose contact with the clitoris, it glides. It slides very smoothly along my clit and my labia as I thrust the vibe in and out, hitting the G-spot with the curved end and getting constant vibrations through my clitoris, varying with the up-and-down movement yet never losing touch. In a couple minutes it gave me almost no choice but to cum, and there we have it.

It made perfect sense when I thought about it, recalling the sensations in my afterglow, that thrusting would be a good match for this toy. The external arm is longer than your average rabbit, meaning there’s more room for movement, and meaning you can finally bounce that bunny around.

It’s beautiful, it’s body-safe, and even if I had to work for the payout, I think this ranks pretty highly for me.

Blush Arielle Review My Tickle TrunkThis product was provided by Blush Novelties in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Blush for their contribution.

Blush Arielle

Blush Arielle




    • Can Use While Thrusting
    • Good Vibrations
    • G-Spot Stimulation
    • Easy Clit Stimulation


    • A Little Buzzy
    • Not Great Without Movement

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