Review: The Butters Personal Lubricant and Moisturizer

The Butters Lubricant with a butter knife and dish by my tickle trunk

Any past readers will remember how loyal I am to my favourite lube, and how hard it is for me to stray. So when I unwrapped The Butters from Peepshow Toys, I was delightfully perplexed with every aspect of it.

I received two varieties; the first is the original lube and moisturizer with aloe vera and shea butter (yellow label), and the second is made with raw honey and cocoa butter (orange label). Honey & cocoa butter costs a few bucks extra, but is safer for those with allergies to soy or wanting to avoid palm oils, as both are found in the original aloe vera and shea butter formula. Both are heavily moisturizing, but both are like, well, butter.

What sticks out first is the unusual packaging for a sexual lubricant. Rather than delicately packaging itself into a standard tube or squeeze bottle with a sexy sticker, Butters sets itself apart in an 8oz tub wrapped in a DIY-style neon paper label. From the outside, it seems like the kind of all-natural lube that you would find at your local erotic crafts fair.

It seems that way from the inside as well, and I’m not entirely sure if I mean that in a good way or not. Opening it up was a bit surprising when I was greeted with a thick, creamy glob the colour of infant throw up; I’m honestly not trying to disparage the colour, there just isn’t anything else to which I can compare this shade. The first one I tried was made with aloe vera and shea butter, so I bypassed the alarming colour and looked forward to what I’m sure would be a sweet scent.

The Butters Lubricant with a butter knife and dish by my tickle trunk

Nope. Nope nope nope. And spoiler alert: the cocoa butter and honey formula is only marginally better. This is not the kind of lube that I would want to sneakily apply in hopes of pre-moistening myself for penetration and pass it off as my own natural wetness. If the green-y yellow colour doesn’t tip them off, then the smell of old sunflowers and apple-y vinegar sure as hell will. This is the heavy duty stuff, only to be used in lube-heavy situations where we all know what we’re getting into.

So, we’ve determined that it doesn’t look good, nor does it smell any better. So most importantly, how does it feel?

It’s called Butters for a reason, because that is 100% what this feel like, despite the product description saying that the aloe prevents it from being greasy (it does not). It’s exactly like butter though, right down to the fact that I have to scoop my hand into a tub and smear it all over my vulva before it melts into a greasy, moisturizing pool. If you can imagine masturbating with butter – and you like it – then this is for you.

Butters is an oil-based lube (as it should be, bearing a name synonymous with grease), but it appears to be different from other oil-based lubricants in the sense that it claims to do more good than other lubes. In fact, the Butters description even boasts fewer UTIs and yeast infections among vagina owners who have used this product thanks to pH-balancing ingredients like apple cider vinegar. And I can see why; with its all-natural ingredients and greasy, moisturizing quality, this stuff is almost like a lotion first and a lube second. A moisturizer that just so happens to be vulva-friendly, if you will.

The Butters Lubricant with a butter knife and dish by my tickle trunk

Butters also claims to be different with the statement of not staining sheets like traditional oil lube. This is a fair concern, since no sex is good enough to sacrifice a bed sheet every time, but it doesn’t seem to totally hold up, as what appeared to be a grease stain was left on my bedspread. While I’ve seen worse oil stains in my life, I’m not going to recommend this as a regular product to someone who doesn’t lay down a tarp or change their sheets every few days. A run through the wash removed this stain, but I’m afraid that’s just not a good enough compromise when you say your product is different for this one fact.

Overall, I felt a bit disappointed, given that numerous sex bloggers before myself raved about Butters and how it was their new go-to favourite. But here’s the funny thing – I use it. A lot.

It sits in my night stand next to my Sliquid and it’s what comes out anytime I know I’m going to be using a lot of toys. The bottom line is that it IS good, it’s just not perfect. The gelatinous blob that I apply to my vulva will eventually melt into a thick and gooey substance that lasts for an entire fuck session, with no need to ever re-apply. It’s super oily, which may not sound like a plus, but imagine coating your entire body in this stuff and getting it on for the most effective oily fuck (alright, so this is a long-time fantasy of mine). I’d love to lay out a tarp and dump the entire contents of these tubs on myself, knowing that there’ll be no need for any additional lubrication.

The Butters Lubricant with a butter knife and dish by my tickle trunk

The other reason I love using it is the way its packaged. Yes, the idea of scooping it up and slathering it on your genitals may not sound like the ideal usage; on the other hand, it’s the only lube distribution method that doesn’t result in messy hands – just dunk! I made this joke when I first saw these tubs. “LOL, what am I supposed to do, just DUNK my dildo in this vat of fat?”

Yes, Charlotte. That’s exactly what you do, and in fact, it’s your main motivation for using this product. Dunk the tip of the dildo into the lube, and let just let your body temperature melt the lube into a luxurious oil as you slide in and out. Any mess that this lube creates on the sheets is kind of made up for in how little mess it makes in my hands (calling dibs now on the tagline, “it melts in your vag, not in your hands!”) It’s the only lube where I don’t have to worry about dirtying a hand and having something to wipe it up with before I carry on with my wank. I love that, and it sort of makes me want to transport all my lubes into a big ‘ol tub for ease of use.

As oil-based lubes go, this is probably my favourite, and something I would recommend to someone who is worried about any naughty ingredients around their bits. If you’re familiar with oil-based lubes, then you know what you’re getting yourself into, but it’s better. It’s better for you, better for your sheets (marginally), and better for your grease-free hands.

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This product was provided by Peepshow Toys in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Peepshow for this contribution.

The Butters

The Butters




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    • All Natural
    • Body Safe
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