Review: California Exotics Inspire Remote Teaser

California Exotics Inspire Teaser my tickle trunk review

I keep reading great reviews of the Cal Exotics Inspire line, but obviously I just chose the wrong products, because for fuck’s sake, this thing is bad. If you’re in a hurry, I’ll save you a couple paragraphs: a dying housefly could fall into my pants and buzz away in its last moments of life and it would be about as pleasant as the Inspire Teaser.

Much like I mentioned with the Inspire Wand, it just looks so pretty, and its “travel & tease”-friendly demeanour intrigued me. My man has always been interested in a panty-play toy that we could sneak around with in public, but he’s never even seen this thing, because it doesn’t work.

California Exotics Inspire Teaser my tickle trunk review

First off, it’s confusing. As I write this next paragraph, I literally have the vibrator on my clit because I FINALLY figured out the little sequence to use it properly while attempting to masturbate, and I knew I’d have to write it down if I stood a chance of remembering it later on.

The on/off button on the compact controller is not a strict on and off function. In order to “activate” it, the user must turn on the actual vibrator manually, and it will quickly buzz once to show that it is “on”. But to turn it ON, you can either use the button on the vibe or use the on/off button in the compact. While using it, pressing and holding the on/off button of the compact will turn the vibrator off, but then you can only turn it back on manually, meaning you may have to walk around with a useless chunk of silicone in your pants all day because you can’t discreetly re-activate it.

If you have particularly large labia majora like I do, then this is especially useless. Because it doesn’t offer any sort of pinpoint stimulation, there’s no way to just poke it into place and feel it directly on your clit; it’s broad, and so it sits outside the rest of my vulva and just buzzes, wishing it could come in. Yes, I have tried this with my legs spread and thereby giving it direct contact to my vulva, and the news isn’t any better there.

California Exotics Inspire Teaser my tickle trunk review

It is just a teaser, so I shouldn’t be comparing it to the standard clit vibe, but the thing is… I’m not! It’s just… weak. Of course it’s buzzy, but what I really mean is that it’s so weak that I can barely feel the vibrations beyond my first layer of skin. The Inspire line is meant to support Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and many of the toys reflect the sexual struggles that women who are being treated for the disease may experience – lack of arousal, lower sex drive, loss of sensitivity – and yet this toy barely gives me a tickle. I can’t imagine someone with less sensation in their vulva pressing this against it and thinking “ah yes, finally, I am wet!”

Since it’s a teaser with a cheeky little remote, you think it’s naturally encouraging public partner use for discreet teasing. However, the thing is loud. Like, I struggle to hear my porn over the buzzing. Unless you’re a Magic Wand giving me orgasm after orgasm, no one stops me from my audible porn, especially not the fly in my pants.

California Exotics Inspire Teaser my tickle trunk review

Interested in the California Exotics Inspire Remote Teaser anyway? Well, alright.
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This product was provided by California Exotics in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to California Exotics for their contribution.

California Exotics Inspire Remote Teaser

California Exotics Inspire Remote Teaser




    • Has A Mirror


    • Loud
    • Weak
    • Too Broad
    • Confusing

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