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california exotics inspire ultimate vibrating wand review my tickle trunk

Oh, California Exotics. One of my first reviews was of the Entice Hope – a little egg vibe by CalExotics – and it wasn’t so bad, but I did feel like the company was capable of more in their products. I saw no reason why they couldn’t make good toys, and while the Entice Hope was fine, it’s the highest praise I’ve been able to give them so far. I’m kind of throwing up my hands at this point.

The Inspire line by California Exotics seemed different. Everything is covered in a pastel pink layer of satin-finish silicone, and proceeds from these products are donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. The variety within this line toys was intriguing, including a teaser, an arouser, and even a breast massager – all products that are meant to evoke arousal and therapy following the trauma of breast cancer. One of my chosen products was the Ultimate Wand, and as someone who’s constantly on the journey to find a good, compact wand, I was excited by its appearance and hopeful of its potential.

california exotics inspire ultimate vibrating wand review my tickle trunkI can’t say it doesn’t have power, because it certainly does, and rightly so as it’s a rechargeable wand that has an impressively long battery life. But remember how the Blush Audre felt like my genitals were being lasered off? Well I had no idea what was coming my way. The buzziness of the Ultimate Wand makes Audre feel like a a burly man gently liking my vulva in comparison. If I want an orgasm (yes please), it has to be on the low setting, and I have to place the wand so high up on my clitoral hood that I’m practically jacking off my pubic bone; otherwise it’s too strong and buzzy and like ants are chewing my labia. I didn’t even try the medium or high settings for more than a second because I’d like to have another orgasm within my lifetime. And don’t get me started on the patterns…

When it comes to the orgasm itself, I MUST cut it short. Where as with other wands I might have to rip it off my clitoris immediately after orgasm to avoid being overwhelmed with sensation, the Ultimate Wand forces me to rip it off basically right before orgasm, let it turn very unpleasant. Just as it’s building up, the buzziness becomes too laser-like, and I need to rip it off and basically just… will myself to orgasm. I sometimes can’t tell if it was real or if I just faked it for the sake of a vibrator.

The head is quite flexible, which is just a preference thing, but I kind of like being able to mash down and not have to worry about it bending away from me, playing hard-to-get. The controls also took some time to get the hang of – push and hold the top button, and both buttons flash red three times, indicating that the wand is now turned on. You then firmly press the top button again to turn on the vibrations, and use the lower button to cycle through the speeds and patterns. The red lights pulse and brighten in relation to the speed or that pattern you’ve selected, so that’s cool.

california exotics inspire ultimate vibrating wand review my tickle trunkUnfortunately, I’ve got a pretty big collection of mediocre wands, so I might still use this in a pinch; the silicone is a nice finish and I can’t deny that it’s a beautiful toy. But I’d save the money and move on to something a bit more established.

Check out the California Exotics Inspire Ultimate Wand at Pink Cherry

or shop US over at SheVibe

This product was provided by California Exotics in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to California Exotics for their contribution.

California Exotics Inspire Ultimate Wand

California Exotics Inspire Ultimate Wand




    • Satin Finish
    • Rechargable
    • Long Battery Life


    • Buzzy
    • Too Strong
    • Too Bendy

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