Review: The Captain By Pleasure Works

Review: Pleasure Works The Captain my tickle trunk dildo

The Captain makes me greedy. It makes me want more. It’s so thick and so realistic that it takes my “size doesn’t matter” demeanour and replaces it with “MOAR COCK PLZ”

The Captain is made with Firm Core Silicone from Pleasure Works, consisting of a very firm centre shaft with a very soft, supple coating of premium silicone over top. The overall shape of the dildo is very firm, with not much give or bend to it, but the outer coating provides the perfect amount of give to make this THE most realistic feeling dildo I’ve ever had. The Tantus Uncut #1 takes the prize for most realistic in appearance and detail, but close my eyes and put this in my hand, and the soft, clammy exterior has me fooled.

Review: Pleasure Works The Captain my tickle trunk dildo If I didn’t know it was 100% premium silicone, I might have mistaken this for something of lesser quality. But I mean this in a good way. The silicone on top has an almost translucent quality to it, as opposed to other companies like Tantus, whose silicone retains a very opaque colouring that absorbs all light. The colouring and the texture make this feel VERY real, with it almost feeling tacky to the touch. It feels like real skin would, with the same give as human skin, as opposed to matte or glossy silicone, and that is the most unique part of this dildo.

I’m not typically into straight toys with no real curve to them, but I think the cock-hungry beast inside me overtakes the need for direct G-spot stimulation. Simply feeling this and feeling how full it makes me is enough to get me off, and it’s the perfect cock for watching specifically “big dick” porn. Basically, if you rely on G-spot stimulation alone to get off, then this probably isn’t for you; but many of us just like the feeling of cock inside, and sometimes, that’s really enough.

Review: Pleasure Works The Captain my tickle trunk dildo

It’s just… good. It’s big. Girthy. Firm, yet soft. And exactly what I need to fill me up.

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This product was provided by Good Vibrations in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Andy at Good Vibrations for this contribution.

The Captain By Pleasure Works

The Captain By Pleasure Works




    • Skin-like Silicone
    • Girthy
    • Firm-Core


    • No G-Spot Stimulation

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