Review: Désirables Dalia

désirables dalia dildo my tickle trunk review

I’ve never really mentioned the A-spot in any of my posts. It’s not because I haven’t found it, or because I don’t believe the hype, but simply because it’s never been a very prominent sensation for me. I might feel it sometimes, but overall it just feels like a bypass when you’ve overshot the G-spot, nothing more than an afterthought. Well shut the front door, because Dalia by Montreal company Désirables has made me into a believer.

That delicate little porcelain curve may be designed for stellar G-spot stimulation, but its firm and easy-glide material makes it a champ for lightly caressing the A-spot and taking it from mere footnote to leading star. It awoke something within me when I felt an unfamiliar tingle upon finding it with this beauty, and that bulbous, tulip-shaped end rubs so very gently that it could potentially find yours as well.

désirables dalia dildo my tickle trunk reviewAs for G-spot stimulation, I much prefer a sharp curve over the subtle bend that the Dalia provides, but when I’m relaxed enough to allow full-on thrusting with Dalia (read ahead for more info on that), it has no problem gently coaxing me to orgasm. The G-spot focus is tender and unstated – no hammering on it here, but I’ve said before that I don’t always want my orgasms to be unbearably strong, so this works for me.

Of course the Dalia is also a kegel exerciser, and in more ways than one. The small, more curved end can be inserted and used as resistance while you practice your kegel exercises, however the dildo end can also be used this way, possibly as a different difficulty level based on your experience. In fact this was the only difficulty that I experienced with this toy, as my vaginal opening would clench down far too easily and the bulbous end would have a hard time escaping the jaws of life. It would become less of a dildo thrust and more of a dildo fight as I’d try to wriggle it free of my slightly-too-tense-vagina. Yes, of course I can simply relax my vaginal muscles and enjoy myself, but easier said than done sometimes. Whichever end you choose to use, it’s an excellent exerciser as well as a luxurious toy.

désirables dalia dildo my tickle trunk review
The Dalia in person looks a bit different from the one you’ll find on the product page; where there appears to be a separation in the middle in the photo, it is actually replaced with plain porcelain and a black “D” logo on the inside. It’s even more beautiful in person. I also must give a nod to the packaging, inside and out. The individual package sports Désirables trademark colours of maroon and off-white in great detail, while a beautiful cloth bag blends the same colour scheme to create a unique look beyond the standard black bag.

Overall its purpose matches the toy’s beautiful image and elegant tone that Désirables sets for their brand. The porcelain is durable, gorgeous, and nothing short of some of the best I’ve seen. Plus with a built-in kegel exerciser, it nicely fits into my beloved 2-in-1 toy category!

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This product was provided by Désirables in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to California Exotics for their contribution.

Désirables Dalia

Désirables Dalia




    • Smooth, No Drag
    • Dildo & Kegel Exerciser
    • Durable
    • High Quality
    • Canadian-Made


    • Bulbous Tip May Be Large For Some

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