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Doxy Don Vibrator Anal Toy Review My Tickle Trunk

It was a long, hard battle to get my Doxy Don, and I want to give a specific thank you to Ruby Goodnight of Doxy North America for being persistent and attempting to send me not one, but three Doxy Dons over the course of 4 months. May the two that went MIA find happiness in their freedom.

So needless to say, I had a lot of time to dwell on the arrival of my Don. Every time I revisited the issue with Ruby, I would search out more photos and reviews of the toy, remembering what it was that I had to look forward to. However, looking at the photos and the odd shape of the toy, over time, I found myself looking forward to its arrival less and less. The shape seemed limiting, if not cumbersome, so how could I, as a cis woman, benefit from such a one-use toy?

Well, through all the skepticism and waiting, I’m happy to say that I couldn’t have been more wrong. The shape is weird, yes, but this gives it so many uses for so many genders.

Doxy Don Vibrator Anal Toy Review My Tickle TrunkI’d happened to receive a Doxy Massager the day before, and when I turned it on, I was surprised to find that the vibrations weren’t as rumbly as I’d expected; I had heard tales of how the Doxy was the gold standard in rumble, so where was that power? (more on that later) Turns out the rumble is all in the Don. Comparing them side by side was like night and day; the wand hummed with a sonic, pleasurable buzz, while the Don shook in my hand and radiated through my bones. It’s the most rumble I’ve ever felt, even surpassing my MWR. I was instantly turned on.

The first uses began where all first uses seem to originate – the clit. The bulb shape is of course ideal for anal use, but I gave it a go by inserting it into my vagina and pressed the raised edge of the base against my clit; in the end, I gave up on using the bulb as a vaginal insertable, since all it did was vibrate my vaginal opening and did nothing but annoy me that it wasn’t long enough. I ended up just pressing the pointed base more into my clit (now my favourite use), while the bulb sat parallel to the rest of my vulva, providing a nice reverberant vibration to increase the overall joy and sensation of the vibe.

In fact, that curve created by the ridged base and the bulb make it a perfect multi-gender toy – I used the Don anally – both on myself and my partner (different times) – I teased his testicles and perineum during a recent kink session, and of course I’ve masturbated both vaginally and clitorally with the Don – both with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Doxy Don Vibrator Anal Toy Review My Tickle TrunkUnfortunately, as an anal toy, it falls short. Literally. Most other reviews of the Doxy Don will admit to this fact, and it’s really the only shortcoming of this fantastic toy. The anal bulb isn’t long enough to provide any prostate stimulation for men, and I personally found it wasn’t long enough to have any way of staying inside of me without my holding it in myself and sacrificing a hand. Having read Girl On The Net’s review of the Don (back in its Skittle days), I thought for sure I’d love her idea of putting in and my ass and being fuck vaginally, but alas, it just sloshed around a bit and slid right out (and forced me to wash my sheets).

Doxy Don Vibrator Anal Toy Review My Tickle Trunk

This is without a doubt the most rumbly toy I have ever used, and my favourite stand-alone vibrator for external use. Maybe it doesn’t consistently fulfill its role as a self-proclaimed anal toy, but it fulfills so many other roles that it deserves to be called so much more.

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This product was provided by Doxy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Ruby at Doxy North America for this contribution.

Doxy Don

Doxy Don




    • Rumbly As Fuck
    • Gender-Neutral
    • Body-Safe


    • Short Anal Toy

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