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Doxy Massager Review My Tickle Trunk

I love wands. At this point, if I had to throw out my entire sex toy collection and keep just one type of toy, it would be the wand. I love the power, I love the uses for me and for him, I love that they hold a long charge or straight-up plug into the wall, I love that I can mash them into my genitals without losing power, and I love how I don’t even have to take off my clothes to have an orgasm (or that I can stick one through a low-crotch onesie without undoing any buttons). Most of all, I love their reliability; all of these factors roll into one perfectly timed orgasm that can never steer me wrong, and I love that a Doxy is now a part of my favourite group.

Having already tested the Doxy Don side-by-side with Doxy’s flagship massager, I can’t really draw any similarities other than the name. Don’s motor is a low rumble, with intense power and body-shaking tremors, while the signature Doxy touts insane power, leading me to always describing it with one word – supersonic. The Doxy isn’t rumbly, which isn’t to say it’s buzzy, because if a truly buzzy vibrator was given this much power, I have no doubt it would shave off my genitals. No, the Doxy is exactly what a vibrator was meant to be – gentle for those who need it, powerful for those who crave it. I used to have a friend who said her ideal man would be a big burly thing, with enough size and strength to kick her ass, but with a heart of gold to never lay a hand on her. That’s the balance that the Doxy strikes; put it on high and I’m squealing with overstimulation, but on a lower setting, I can feel the massager holding back, giving me only what I can handle, and allowing me to control the pace.

On my first go, I stuck to the lower end of the vibrations out of caution, but also because for the first month that I owned this vibrator, I was temporarily living with my parents. While the Doxy isn’t known for being quiet, I will say that it wasn’t quite as loud as I had expected. Put it on high, then sure, it will definitely arouse some suspicion behind a closed door, but my electric toothbrush is louder than this (and it looks even more like a sex toy than this actual sex toy).

Once I was finally able to take the Doxy on the road with the top down, it answered the question I had asked myself before: who needs this much power? Me. I do. Not that I need ALL of it of course (at least not yet), but with every notch I moved up in the vibrations, I found myself wanting more. Which is handy, because from where I stand currently (which is exactly halfway up the vibration scale), I’ll have room for more for quite some time. I rather like that this has the things that my Magic Wand Rechargeable does not; it’s travel friendly – thanks to in part to it being mains powered – it’s super powerful, and that power isn’t restricted to low, medium, and high. Instead, the wand offers a wide range of speeds with the motors moving between 3000 and 9000 rpm. It also has pulse settings; that’s all I’ll really say about that, because we’ve been through this before: I don’t care about pulse settings. If that’s the best thing your toy can offer me, then you’re in for a bad time (and so am I).

But luckily, I can include that as an afterthought, because the Doxy doesn’t even come close to using this feature as a crutch. I really only discovered this mode by accident, and it did nothing to amaze or offend me, which is all I really ask from your pulse setting.

Also, shoutout to Doxy for a feature I never thought I’d be thanking anyone for:

Doxy is one of only a handful of plug-in adult products fitted with a plug top power supply unit (PSU), meaning a low DC voltage travels into the massager

This means that you can use your Doxy in any part of the world with only a simple plug adapter; not that I travel a lot, since I’m more worried about baggage restrictions than orgasms for London next month. No, this matters because JOUJOU is based in Australia and therefore had to send me the Doxy with an Australian plug, which I have an adapter for! Unlike other toys where an adapter only transmits a pitiful amount of power, my Doxy works perfectly in North America, which is pretty cool.

So with my other go-to wand being cordless, what do I think of the 12-foot cord? I won’t say that I don’t wish a cordless version existed, because rather than tuck this under my pillow at night, this has to remain bulky and plugged in at all times in order to be on-hand for unexpected use. But I understand that a cordless massager will probably never be able to house this much power with more than a 2-minute charge, so I both love and accept the cord for what it is; a way to transmit bonkers energy into my crotch.

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 This product was provided by JOUJOU in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to JOUJOU for this contribution.

Doxy Massager

Doxy Massager




    • Super powerful
    • Body Safe PVC Head
    • Long Cord
    • Travel Friendly


    • Corded
    • Not Rumbly

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