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fun factory bouncer dildo review my tickle trunk

Go back to my earlier days of Twitter and you’ll see one Tweet of desperation – “my world for a Fun Factory Bouncer”. I don’t know what it was, I wasn’t even particularly into dildos at the time, and I had only just recently become acquainted with Fun Factory. I’d just never seen anything like it – like kegel balls for fucking!

The Bouncer by Fun Factory has the unique feature of rotating weights within a dildo, where each bulge along the shaft contains a weight that shakes with the movements of the dildo (perhaps you’ve heard the Bouncer referred to as “the shake weight of dildos”). Its flat base works remarkably well as a short-term suction cup, as well as making it suitable for anal use; I can’t say I’ve tried it as such, but with the smooth waves formed in matte silicone, I can imagine it would feel pretty great. The Bouncer also has the unique feature of COMING IN RED. I mean yes, they also come in the other predictable colours of black and pink, but… red!

fun factory bouncer dildo review my tickle trunkSo how does it feel? When I first got it in my hand, I had a moment of giddiness that paralleled the Fun Factory Stronic Eins, with simply how COOL it was. I’ve come to one conclusion about Fun Factory so far, and that is that they make COOL products. Whether it’s a magnet swinging within a Stronic, or perfectly weighted balls rotating within a silcione dildo, they just don’t do boring; everything is different.

Fangirling over German engineering aside, the Bouncer is pretty cool, but maybe not for everyone.

Why is it cool? Well, the balls move very noticeably as long as you’re thrusting enough, and it’s more than just vibrating, it’s impact. Thrusting it vigorously rotates the weights in a way that makes it feel like more is happening. Like instead of just thrusting with a dildo, it feels like there’s the impact of more than one dildo – if that makes sense – and taps into my gangbang fantasy just right. Internal vibrations don’t really do much for me (so it’s weird that I would even want this, I suppose), but if it’s something you really like, then this would absolutely be the best for you.

fun factory bouncer dildo review my tickle trunkIt has great stimulation on the anterior vaginal walls, because of the bulging shape that sports peaks and valleys to keep you guessing. I’ve always found Fun Factory silicone to be quite draggy, so it takes a good amount of lube; however, the drag actually adds to the stimulation experience, feeling it closely caress my inner walls with every thrust and every bulge is remarkably appealing! The G-spot stimulation isn’t exactly pin-point, but I found myself too occupied with the thrusting sensation and the shifting weights to really care, if I’m honest.

As for why it might not be for you, these are really just personal choices based on your body. One reason might be if you have a tendency to tense up; with the bulges along the dildo, it can be easy to accidentally tense up and clamp down around one of the bulges, making it a bit more difficult to thrust. If you aren’t the owner of trigger-happy kegels muscles, then jiggle away!

Secondly, if you’re someone who prefers to exclusively thrust slowly, then this dildo is a waste of time for you. To get the most out of Bouncer, you need to have steady, constantly moving thrusts in order to jiggle the weights around, and if you aren’t jiggling the weights around, then you’re better off with something a bit more plain, like the Fun Factory Magnum or Amor.

fun factory bouncer dildo review my tickle trunk

Otherwise, I’m a fan. If you like quality dildos with something different, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for to up your fapping game. I admit the sensation took me some time to decide upon, but it took me half a decade to decide in favour of vibrators at all, so clearly I don’t like change.

Bonus: want a weird and potentially satisfying experiment? Press a Magic Wand to the end of the dildo to make the weights vibrate on their own. Voila! Instant Fun Factory “vibrator”.

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peepshow toys my tickle trunk

This product was provided by Peepshow Toys in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Peepshow for their contribution.

Fun Factory Bouncer

Fun Factory Bouncer




    • Very Light Vibration
    • Smooth Shape
    • Anal Safe


    • Draggy Silicone
    • Not Ideal For Tensing Up
    • Not Ideal For Slow Thrusters

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