Review: Fuze Foreman

fuze foreman dildo review

I feel rather lucky; with the limited selection of uncut dildos on the market today, this will be the second I’ve reviewed in under a year! That said, the Fuze Foreman far from measures up (literally) to the daunting Tantus Uncut #1 we saw earlier this year. In fact, this version might be a better alternative for those who can’t handle the girth and sheer weight of the #1.

It’s rather petite, coming in at an insertable 5.5” and only 1.43” inches around at its widest point, but my favourite quality of this dildo has to be the squish factor. It doesn’t advertise itself as any fancy, realistic silicone, but it really should, because this is even squishier than Tantus’s famous dual density silicone. It’s soft, flexible, and plush enough to feel like the real thing, all without being too soft and unable to hold a shape. I love it.

fuze foreman dildo review


Fuze Silicone in general is growing as one of my favourite companies; their platinum cured silicone dildos are designed in Canada with love, and are among the best quality dildos on the market. All of their toys are compatible with a standard O-ring strap-on, including the Foreman and the soon-to-be-reviewed Tango.

The textured, strap-on compatible base of the Foreman includes a hole to insert your own bullet, and with this area I was able to get pretty creative. The flexibility of the toy allowed me to bend the top of the base over my clit and use it as stimulation while the shaft was inserted. No vibration even needed! Needless to say, it’s a versatile dildo, and there are plenty of ways to make it work for your specific needs.


I can never say this is a bad toy, because it isn’t, but is just isn’t for me. A trait of the average uncut dildo is that they feature a good amount of texture, which, as we’ve been through, is not for me at all. The texture on this particular dick isn’t too visibly noticeable, and I didn’t think it’d be anything astonishing, but my vagina is very aware of this fact. The foreskin is slightly bulbous, while the veins are much more pronounced than something like the Uncut, and this combination of texture and sensation is just uncomfortable for my stupid, fragile vagina.

fuze foreman dildo review

I clearly love so much about this toy, but the pronounced veins, foreskin, and bulging tip makes it a bit hard for me to use with unrestrained pleasure. It’ll get me off in a punch, and I did find myself reaching for it when I just wanted “a dildo”, so perhaps it’s a grower, not a shower.

If you like texture, this would be an awesome uncut dildo option to explore. The squishy silicone, petite shape, and light texture make it a great choice for those interested in a foreskin dildo, whether they’re new to it or experienced. It’s simply not ideal for those who are

fuze foreman dildo review

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This product was provided by Fuze Silicone in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Fuze for their contribution.

Fuze Foreman

Fuze Foreman




    • Squishy
    • Not Too Big
    • Strap-On Compatible


    • Textured

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