Review: Key by Jopen Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set

My Tickle Trunk Review My Bedroom Spice Key by Jopen Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set

I was not ready for this.

My Bedroom Spice sent me the Key by Jopen Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set months ago now, but I’ve been putting the review off so long. Why? I reviewed the Blush Bonne Beads as my first kegel ball set a while ago, and I figured, how do I review a product with the exact same principle, but set it apart?

Easily, as it turns out, because Jopen set Stella apart for me and made my job easy. Let me tell you, not all kegel balls are created equal.

They have the same principle – two balls, attached with a loop on the end, and weighted to provide a challenge to the kegel muscles. They’re also both pink, and that’s where the similarities end. Stella comes with 3 interchangeable kegel balls of adjustable weight, increasing difficulty – 30g, 40g, and 40g – and is made of pure silicone for a silky soft (and safe) feel. The weight is made up of internal floating metal balls to suspend the weight while keeping movement; they’re heavier, smoother, and the quality is worlds apart.

My Tickle Trunk Review My Bedroom Spice Key by Jopen Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set

With the Bonne Beads, I could pop them in, set it and forget it. I’d feel them, but overall they didn’t hinder my daily activities. I could walk, run, and even pee without much movement; I might even take them to the gym they’re so easy to keep in.

I would not take Stella II to the gym. Not unless I wanted to explain to someone on the bike next to me why I suddenly had a bulge in my pants but no, I was not happy to see him.

I had used Stella II in short bursts before – to test out, to putter around the apartment – but never as a long-term item. One night my boyfriend and I were about to head shopping downtown and he told me to pop them in; why not? I should take these babies out on the open road, get the top down, and really see what they can do. However, that Monday night took a turn, and we ended up at a couple strip clubs until 1am. But I’m not here to talk about that.

My Tickle Trunk Review My Bedroom Spice Key by Jopen Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set

Stella left me more fearful than Bonne; individual weights would wobble around and make me anxious to run for the streetcar. Initially there were phantom feelings of needing to use the bathroom, and in that same vein was the most noticeable side effect of holding a collective 70 grams of weight in your vagina; urination. While Bonne would let me pee with ease (and make me feel like Genital Wonder Woman), Stella reminds me who’s boss (and that maybe they should be taken out first unless you’re the jaws of life). Not only will peeing just be generally slower, but also you’ll find yourself with some… slippage. By the time I was finished my glacial-pace urination, I found Stella’s first bead was trying to make a break for it! Not surprising if you know the mechanics of kegel muscles + weight + pushing (hint: childbirth is not a drill), but surprising when your only other kegel ball experience was significantly lighter.

I guess I haven’t outlined the good qualities of Stella, but all the inconveniences she brings are a testament to her exceptional quality. No effective workout is supposed to be easy, and by providing true weight that delivers a real challenge, Stella isn’t fucking around. Once you’ve whipped your drab vagina into shape, you can upgrade to the second 40g ball and keep the challenge moving. Comes in 3 beautiful colours (I have raspberry pink but LOVE the robin egg blue – look how pretty!)
My Tickle Trunk Review My Bedroom Spice Key by Jopen Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set

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This product was provided by My Bedroom Spice in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to My Bedroom Spice for their contribution.

Jopen Stella II

Jopen Stella II




    • Provides A Challenge
    • Interchangeable Weights
    • High Quality


    • May Be Too Heavy For Some

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