Review: LELO Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

Review: LELO Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

Anything sporting the LELO name can usually expect a resounding “yes!” from me. However their toy cleaner gets a pretty decent “yeah, alright”.

It’s not necessarily a flaw in their brand of this product, it’s just an entirely different kind of product (much like everything LELO sets their mind to). This toy cleaner has the unique feature of not requiring a rinse afterwards, making it ideal if you have flatmates who might not want your dildos air-drying next to the toothbrushes. When I first began looking into toy cleaners I was surprised to find that most of them require water, so when I found the LELO Toy Cleaner, I thought I had finally found what I wanted.

Let me outline the basic steps:

  • Spray toy thoroughly
  • Let sit for 5 seconds
  • Wipe with a lint-free cloth

However the logistical problems never occurred to me; by not adding water, I feel less sure that the entire toy is clean, plus I’d have to keep a sex toy rag at all times for this purpose. I didn’t love the idea of dirtying a towel with every clean, but even more, I have a very fluffy cat whose hair is EVERYWHERE, so I have no such thing as a lint-free cloth; it’s why I air-dry my toys after washing.

The smell was another factor; while it didn’t leave much of a lingering odor on the toy itself, the alcohol smell was very pungent and gave me pause at the idea that this would soon be touching me again. There was minimal residue, but I did find that if it wasn’t wiped up just right, there were some tacky patches afterwards.

I also wouldn’t recommend it for toys with a lot of texture – swirls and bumps are much more likely to trap debris or bacteria, so I don’t know about you, but I feel much more at ease giving it a full rinse down with running water and a water-soluble toy cleaner.

Review: LELO Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

What it IS good for:

Non-waterproof toys. I got this around the time I bought a Magic Wand and instantly saw the value. The Magic Wand can’t go anywhere near water, and really only the top (made of pure silicon) needs to be wiped down, so it works. The wand also has its own cupboard so obviously it has its own cleaner and rag. Obviously.

Basically any high-end toy would suit this cleaner – anything made of silicone, glass, or other non-porous material would probably be much more manageable. However my toy collection still has some “affordable” options made with stickier materials that don’t do well with the spray-and-wipe method. So if your collection were made up of LELO, Tantus, and Fun Factory, then this cleaner would certainly suit you.

As value goes, it’s a significantly smaller bottle (60ml) at $12.99 from My Bedroom Spice. It IS still a LELO product, so it’s made for luxury, and works well for its matching toy counterparts.

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This product was provided by My Bedroom Spice in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to My Bedroom Spice for their contribution.

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