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my tickle trunk lelo ina 2 review

As soon as I turned it on and watched that little clitoral arm twitch in a way I’d never seen, I knew LELO Ina 2 was going to give me an orgasm I’d never forget.

I’ve wanted the Ina for years – YEARS. When I got my first LELO toy to review ages ago (the Lily), I looked into this posh brand and practically burst with arousal at the site of Ina – the design, the colour, that playful curve – I needed it. So I was beyond excited when I was rewarded with one after winning an in-store raffle at Come As You Are one weekend!

The unboxing was glorious in itself; under the clearly labelled box of the Ina 2 was a vibrant purple sleeve with ‘LELO’ etched in a black/silver, and under that is where the good stuff lay. I still store my Ina in its matte, black gift box with the same iconic lettering, where a foam cutout grazes the sensual yet modern form of Ina 2. Included under a matching LELO flap in the box were directions, USB charger, a storage bag, and a small pillow of LELO water-based lubricant.

my tickle trunk lelo ina 2 review

I’ve mentioned before that clitoral arms can be a proverbial crapshoot – maybe it doesn’t rest on your clit, maybe it’s not precise enough – but I’m happy to report that my anatomy appreciates this. The generous arch (and size) of the shaft tickled my G-spot so perfectly that it could be felt all over. And as for that arm…

The Ina barely had a charge when I unplugged and turned it on for a preview. The vibration – silent yet strong – was impressive, but most impressive was the clitoral arm and how it moved. Plain vibrations are for suckers, because the clitoral arm nearly pulsates with every vibration. See below for a video, because rather than just vibrating, the arm wiggles back and forth, giving varying pressure to your clitoris and never letting you forget what it feels like. I’ve used this toy quite a few times and I swear my eyes still roll into the back of my head every time I feel that. One time I accidentally turned on a mode where only the inside part was vibrating, and when I switched it to be both it was the most involuntary convulsion of unexpected pleasure. I understand the need to marry your sex toys when I feel that.

LELO hasn’t bought into this “hidden buttons” craze that so many high-end toys seem to be going with in order to maintain waterproof status – the ones where you need a fingernail to change speed. 4 buttons, clearly visible, mean easy control of both the modes and the vibration intensity. This is great for times when I’m looking for the perfect porn and want it to slowly rumble within me to keep me teased, and also good for when I’ve just finished an orgasm and need that intensity to come down NOW.

my tickle trunk lelo ina 2 review

As I mentioned, the G-spot stimulation is fantastic, and it should be with its bulbous head that swells to a perfect point. I’m not a G-spot fanatic, I need clit stimulation to get anywhere (which is why this is a great toy for me), but even I could tell you the exact point this thing nailed down the G-spot when I put it in me. Just wedge this into place, clasp your legs to hold it, and let the gentle sway and wiggle of your pelvis and kegel muscles allow the vibrations to bring you to the point of no return.

I’m relieved and thrilled with how much I like the Ina 2. So often you spend years hoping for one thing only to find out it’s pretty much okay at best. As you might have guessed, I never owned the fist Ina so I can’t compare, but if the strength and vibrations of this are any indicator, then don’t waste your time with old news.

LELO Ina 2

LELO Ina 2




    • Quiet
    • Strong Vibrations
    • Unique Movement
    • Easy Controls


    • Expensive

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    1. Ruby says:

      I adore my LELO toys…several of which I’ve had for years (though I hated the IRIS and it crapped out on me while the others have last years)… I just got the Elise 2 and LOVE it..I cannot wait to try this one!

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