Review: Lovehoney Mini USB Rechargeable Wand

Lovehoney Mini USB Rechargeable Wand my tickle trunk review

I’ve mentioned before my obsession with finding a decent wireless wand; yes, I should just get a Magic Wand Rechargeable already, but the price point just doesn’t work for me, and I can’t say I’m complaining about the journey.

That said, let’s not say for a moment that we’re comparing the Lovehoney Mini Rechargeable Wand and the Magic Wand Rechargeable here, because that’s like comparing apples and grapes. I know the title says “mini” but damn, it’s mini. Because of its size, you can’t expect a deep rumble, but I’m happy to say it’s not the type of buzziness that lasers my genitals off. I’ve gotten off very successfully, many, many times, and I’ll continue to keep this by my desk for those “ooooo what’s this” moments that we all come across on the internet.

Lovehoney Mini USB Rechargeable Wand my tickle trunk review

The lowest setting is gentle – with some porn and deep concentration, I’m sure I could off on it. I say gentle, but you absolutely feel it below the surface, and that’s fantastic for such a compact little vibrator. It’s not the kind of buzzy that just nibbles at your vulva and expects you to get something from it; it works with purpose to move those vibrations through your body and really make you feel something. It’s a surprising thing from something described as “mini”, but a nice surprise since it’s ideal for partnered sex with how little it gets in the way.

Lovehoney Mini USB Rechargeable Wand my tickle trunk reviewThe settings after that are easily accessed with the scroll wheel, meaning the Goldilocks of vibrations can certainly find something to like here. Admittedly, the vibrations do get a little buzzier as we get into the higher ranges, but they still maintain the ability to get me off; in fact, I prefer the medium-high vibrations. I actually find that my clit gets used to the vibrations very easily, which is why I love the scroll wheel so that can quickly change the speed without looking or losing contact. Once my clit has finished enjoying the current speed, I move up a couple notches and it puts me a little closer to the edge, adding variety at the quick slide of a thumb. Once you hit the ceiling for speeds, I’ll come out and call this 100% buzzy as after a long session with it, I was definitely losing sensation on the highest setting. I would stick to somewhere just below this threshold if you like the feeling of owning a vulva.
Not only is this thing perfect for travel in size, but it has the same quiet-factor as my Lovehoney Desire Rechargable Clitoral Vibe. The sound is a very low, light hum that would barely be detectable under the covers or through a door; definitely something I’d recommend for those with flatmates, nosy neighbours, or parents (at home, that is. Not just parents in general)

Lovehoney Mini USB Rechargeable Wand my tickle trunk review

One thing I hate about this toy? And I mean truly loathe? Those little ridges. Those itty bity little crevasses that trap all kinds of lube & gunk and are SO tiny that I can’t even clean it. What is it with these smaller wands that feel the need to include little petri dishes with every orgasm? I know, I know, they allow for traction so that the wand doesn’t slip away, but they also mean I can NEVER get the head clean! And because it has a motor (and because it isn’t waterproof), I can’t just pop it into a pot of boiling water to let that do the work. So I sit at the sink, holding the head under a running tap (hoping this isn’t the day that water gets into a bad place) and scraping with my fingernail and some soap, eventually settling with “sure, that’s clean.” But maybe I’m just overreacting.

Anyway, that caveat aside, this is a fantastic, discreet, and portable vibrator. Perfect for the gun-shy of wand purchases both is size and investment, and even more perfect for the wanker-on-the-go.

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This product was provided by Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to Lovehoney for their contribution.

Lovehoney Mini USB Rechargeable Wand

Lovehoney Mini USB Rechargeable Wand




    • Good Vibrations
    • Rechargeable
    • Long Battery Life
    • Great For Travel


    • Hard To Clean
    • Not Waterproof

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