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Lustco My Box Review Sex Toy Subscription My Tickle Trunk

As you may remember, I met Luscto at the Toronto Everything To Do With Sex Show in October, and fell in love with the idea of a sex toy subscription box. Even better, they were Canadian – sign me up!

As it was explained to me at the show, $39.95 CAD a month (shipping included!) gets you 8-10 sex products that total a value of $125; this can include anything from toys and lube to games and props. It arrives a few days after its shipping date of the 15th every month in a plain cardboard box with discreet labelling.

The quality ranges from month to month; one month I got a beautiful glass toy and an elegant feather tickler, and this month I got batteries and a sometimes-operational bullet vibe. The first month contained 3 body-safe products from Blush, all of which I was happy with, as well as 3 Forta products. However that’s the last I’ve seen of Blush, and it looks like their contract with Forta has lived on to deliver some great lube but unfortunate jelly toys in the following months. With the exception of the glass dildo, Blush was the only body-safe toy brand that has been delivered to me; while Forta has supplied me with endless bullet-powered toys that may or may not work.

Lustco has done all they can to help me out with the latter, for the record – the customer service is pretty great. Their site doesn’t necessarily allow a lot of interaction on this front, but a quick message to their Facebook page got me a very quick and helpful response every time. When there was a problem with one of my toys, they happily sent over a replacement in next month’s box, and for this reason I love the brand and am happy to support them.

I’d say the biggest perk of this particular box is how MUCH you get for the price. Other brands can charge up to $100 to send 2 or 3 really nice toys, and that’s great. However I ditched a lot of my toy collection years ago and I was hoping to build it up a little more and branch out into new things, and for that reason, Lustco really fit the bill. They do get a lot of decent quality there for $40, and for that I applaud them. Additionally, they are one of the few companies I’ve come across who with ship monthly, rather than quarterly.

Lustco My Box Review Sex Toy Subscription My Tickle Trunk

However my first big disappointment came with the February box. I don’t celebrate Valentines Day – despite being part of a couple – so I won’t have that big fruity night of sensual sex once a year, but I have do amazing sex ranging from intimate to fucktacularly raunchy every other night of the year. However every single item in the February box was clearly meant for the V-Day crowd:

  • Rose petals (that weren’t fooling anyone)
  • Massage candle
  • Massage oil
  • Forta Supplement For Men
  • Forta Supplement for Women
  • Bath Gel (a kit that turns bath water into basically a vat of lube)
  • Double cock ring
  • Positions cube (roll and pick a position)

I raged for the single woman who might receive this box. Everything was meant for the lovey dovey couple except… a cock ring. Not even a buzzy little consolation vibrator for the woman spending Valentines Day in?

My boyfriend and I will give backrubs on a regular basis, but I’ve always been happy with my baby oil to facilitate that, and thanks in part to this month I now have enough massage materials to open a brothel.

Lustco My Box Review Sex Toy Subscription My Tickle Trunk

The following box (March) contained some interesting items, but didn’t wow me enough to make me think I should keep the subscription:

  • Pipedream Softee Luv Touch Dildo
  • Forta 7-function bullet vibe
  • Shunga Oriental Body Slide Massage Gel
  • Forta 3x cock rings
  • Forta U-Lube Silk
  • Bondage tape
  • AAA batteries

There were some perks in this box; I happen to love U-Lube Silk, I’ve never tried bondage tape, and I love the idea of laying down a tarp and fucking in massage gel (as the Shunga kit includes). I even liked the look and feel of the Pipedream dildo, but I have no idea what it’s made of, so it remains a desk ornament for now. But… batteries? Maybe if this box was packed with vibrators, but it did seem an odd choice; as it is, this box was one short of the minimum eight products promised. Maybe I’m splitting hairs.

Overall, I actually do recommend Lustco’s MyBox, depending on your preferences – large selection, great shipping, excellent service, and it’s just FUN to get a box of goodies every month. If I do keep the subscription it’ll just be because I like presents. My only real hope for improvement lies in leaning towards body-safe toys, even if it results in a small price increase. I’ve waited four months to do this review because I wanted to get a full idea of what My Box could truly offer. Had I done the review in the first month, I would have been over the moon that many products were high-quality and deserving of my “top drawer” (and if you sign up now, you do get that beautiful first month – see below). I still love one or two items that I receive on a monthly basis, but I think I’d rather re-visit them down the road to see if the products get a bit of a change-up at all.

Lustco My Box Review Sex Toy Subscription My Tickle Trunk

Lustco 'My Box'

Lustco 'My Box'




    • Great Value
    • Monthly
    • Wide Variety
    • Canadian
    • Discreet Shipping


    • Needs More Body Safe Options

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    1. Lustco says:

      Thanks heaps for your honest review! This whole subscription is a new experience for us, and we’re looking forward to improving every month!

      We’re also happy to announce that major changes are coming to our site, and you’ll see that it’s far more interactive and informational! The new site should be launched in the next couple of days! Keep your eyes peeled 🙂

      Oh, and continue to send us feedback! We can only grow from your comments, questions and concerns!

      Team Lustco-

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