Review: Magic Wand Rechargeable

magic wand rechargeable review my tickle trunk

This ranks up there with the Pure Wand as another toy that needs no introduction, nor any further fanfare, but too bad. This toy is too important to my collection to not be writing about it. It’s commonly known as the relative to its predecessor, the Hitachi Magic Wand “back massager”, only now sporting a body-safe silicone head, more intensity options, vibrating patterns, and of course – it is now rechargeable and cordless.

I’ve used a mains-powered wand only once before, and the cord was surprisingly unruly. Where did it go during sex? Under me? Over me? To the side? I hadn’t expected to be that strongly opinionated about something as simple as an electric cord, but when it came time to invest in a proper wand vibrator, I did find myself leaning in the direction of cordless (only in part because my landlord took 2 years to fix the short-circuiting outlet beside my bed).

magic wand rechargeable review my tickle trunk

I’m not here to tell you it’s a vibrator that will rock your world and change your sex life, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a 10/10 rating. I compare the Magic Wand Rechargeable to every other day-to-day device I use with success, like an electric toothbrush or a microwave. It does a good job and exactly what it’s supposed to, and it does it every time.

It gives me an orgasm every time. It’s just that simple. Sometimes that orgasm is bonkers and leaves me exhausted, other time it comes and goes, and it just feels likes another transaction with a daily appliance. The Magic Wand is what I use when I want an orgasm, and when that is my only goal. If I want to work for it, I might use my We-Vibe Tango, or one of my Lovehoney vibes (and sometimes, I do want to work for it), but an orgasm with the Magic Wand is kind of a choose-your-own-adventure story when it comes to your orgasm.

magic wand rechargeable review my tickle trunkCan it give me earth-shattering orgasms? Absolutely. But that’s not because of the toy itself. With intensity ranging from “Low” to “Ultra”, I can have an easy orgasm with no effort just to get it out of my system, or I can spice it up with intense edging, extra toys, attachments, or even the wand’s built in patterns.

Frankly, writing a review of the Magic Wand Rechargeable is less of a love letter, and more of a thank you. Thank you for being there, day in and day out, to make sure that I’ll always have an orgasm within reach. It’s like writing a thank you to my iPhone – I can’t imagine my life without this marvel of technology, so much so that I have to force myself to stop and take a moment to appreciate it.

Now, a question you may be asking if you’ve found this review – is it worth paying nearly double the price of the original? It’s not a definite yes, but there are some features that are worth paying more for. Of course it’s cordless now, but there’s also the fact that you don’t need to buy a silicone cap to use it anymore, and it weighs less than its mains-power counterpart. I also think the added range of intensity (instead of “strong” and “stronger”) means there’s something for everyone, since many people aren’t able to use wands due to their intensity. What was the selling point for me though? Not many people seem to mention it, but the MWR is quiet! No, not whisper quiet, and it’s probably audible through a thin wall, but compared to the original Hitachi, this thing is great! I’ve had a lot of toys that were 5x louder with way less results to back it up, so this toy could be 10x louder if it wanted, and I’d still be happy it got me off every time.

magic wand rechargeable review my tickle trunk

So do I recommend the Magic Wand Rechargeable? 100% yes. It’s the reliable, cozy best friend you need, and if you’re going to have one vibrator in your entire sex toy collection, then this should be it. However, it misses a 10/10 rating because it simply doesn’t have a travel lock, which is inconvenient given those easy-access buttons and no way to remove the power source.

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come as you are my tickle trunk

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Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand Rechargeable




    • Consistant
    • Strong
    • Quiet
    • Cordless
    • Long Battery Life


    • No Travel Lock

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