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o-wand vibrator review my tickle trunk

Sometimes a toy gets everything right.

Ergonomic design? Check.
Premium, body-safe materials? Check.
Decent motor? Check.
Beautiful design? Check.
Waterproof? Check.
Included attachment? Check.
Stunning packaging that you still can’t bring yourself to throw out? Check.
I mean for fuck’s sake, it even comes with plugs for every country so you can plug it into the wall wherever you are. On paper, there is literally nothing wrong with this toy!

This becomes all the more frustrating when I encountered the only problem that could mysteriously derail this review: it can’t make me come.

o-wand vibrator review my tickle trunkI had tried out the O-Wand casually a few times before. Some foreplay here, a quick warm-up there, even a luxurious diddle in the tub. I find it difficult to climax in the bath (with the exception of the Satisfyer), so I when I wasn’t able to get anywhere from that, I chalked it up to some weird aquaphobia on my vulva’s part. But when I realized that I hadn’t actually come from this toy, I dedicated a proper session to making sure this happened. But some hot porn, two toys and a few minutes later, I found orgasmic progress stalled at the height of the “ramping up” phase. I increased the speed on the O-Wand to push me into the next level, but while my vulva and clit very much registered and enjoyed the added vibrations… nothing. It was like my genitals were sending pleasure signals to my brain and my brain was turning them away at the door.

“Okay, that’s it” I griped, pausing my porn and stalking over to my underwear drawer in a huff. I pulled out the Magic Wand Rechargeable, determined to figure out if the problem was the wand or I, and set to work. A minute later, my MWR had taxied me onto the runway for orgasm, and I could begin takeoff anytime I wanted. I promptly shut off the MWR and grabbed the O-Wand to finish off the job, having done half of the work already, and yet, no love.

I love the shape of the O-Wand, and how I can push one towards me hand and pull the other away to get maximum pressure on my clit, thanks to this fantastic form. I imagine it would be excellent for those with mobility issues, as it can sit nice and close to your body while curved around to your genitals. I love that this shape actually makes it an AMAZING back massager, because you aren’t straining your arms to reach behind you. I love that it’s waterproof, unlike so many other wands of its caliber, and it was one of the first toys I ever really wanted to take into the bath with me. I love that its satin-finish, black silicone barely collects lint at all, and looks so sharp when contrasted against that rose gold grip.

o-wand vibrator review my tickle trunk

So, I have no idea why it doesn’t work for me, and I will never stop trying, but for the sake of review, I’m going to take a stab at a couple possibilities.

  • The Motor: I know, I said the motor was fine, but when compared to something like the MWR (unfair, I know), there’s something missing. The O-Wand motor is still better than the majority of vibrators I’ve tried, but the bottom line is that the rumble of the MWR could make me come, but the O-Wand couldn’t. Motor quality is essential in every vibrator, so I can only come to the conclusion that my vulva just doesn’t respond to this particular type of vibration.
  • The Head: I personally see nothing wrong with this, but perhaps my vulva does. The MWR’s rather flat head provides very broad stimulation, which I love; while O-Wand’s head is by no means pinpoint, its round head sports a very subtle tapered tip that would work well for both those who enjoy broad stimulation and those who need a bit of pinpoint. But maybe I just like my broad stimulation too much, and when it comes to the power of a wand, perhaps anything less than insanely broad just isn’t my cup of tea.

o-wand vibrator review my tickle trunk

The funny thing is, I think I’d still recommend this wand to someone who doesn’t have my genitals. I’ve seen nothing but great reviews (so far), it’s beautiful, functional, ergonomic, and regardless of orgasm, it is the best back massager I’ve ever used (the vibrations aren’t so intense that they vibrate my skull and give me a headache like others).

I will keep trying, and I will update this review once I’ve reached orgasm using the O-Wand (and mark my words, I will). I haven’t included a numerical ranking in this review, because on paper, this toy gets at least 9/10, but in orgasmic power, I just can’t rank it. It feels good, it looks good, and it functions great; there’s just an inexplicable factor that isn’t compatible with my variety of genitals.

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This product was provided by O-Wand in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and un-biased. Thank you to O-Wand for their contribution.

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