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Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Toy Review My Tickle Trunk

Stick to your day job, Satisfyer.

A while ago I reviewed Satisfyer’s pioneering sex toy, the Satisfyer Pro 2, and until recently it ranked in my top sex toys (it was knocked out of top spot by one of its siblings – more on that in future reviews). They’ve since become a leading name is the market of air-based stimulators, and for very good reason; the unique sensation combined with an accessible price point gives them every competitive edge they could ask for. However, their venture into couple’s vibrators (of which I am hoping is a brief one) has not been nearly as triumphant. However, this isn’t really marketed as a Satisfyer toy, which is why I won’t refer to it as such; I refuse to tarnish that name, and it seems they’ve been smart enough to separate themselves from this effort.

Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Toy Review My Tickle TrunkThe Partner Plus takes on the standard form of a “couple’s vibrator” (a term that sparks much debate, but for this review I’ll use it) with an insertable C-shape and both internal and external motors for dual stimulation that can be worn during PIV intercourse. Having seen this now-standard design in countless couple’s toys from companies like We-Vibe and LELO, I expected this to be a toy that wasn’t stumbling across a brand new idea; it really shouldn’t have been. Unfortunately, what I unboxed was something that you would find over 5 years ago; a less-than-refined design, weak motors, and a bulky size that just didn’t have any place as a third party in sexual intercourse. While other couple’s vibes have spent years refining themselves to be small and barely-there during sex, the Partner Plus just smashed down the door and begged to be noticed like the uninvited threesome guest.

Similes aside, let’s break down the actual issues with a toy from a great company that took a great concept and dropped every ball possible.

Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Toy Review My Tickle Trunk

The size just isn’t conducive to subtle penetration enhancement; this thing is the main act. I for one take a few minutes to warm up and get enough room in there for penetration, so the idea of foreplay, then inserting this with its accompanying penis just didn’t sound great. Quite frankly, it just wasn’t comfortable, and it was so thick that it didn’t perfectly like up with my vaginal walls inside. Instead it protruded and created friction for the penis-bearer while I felt like I was missing out on the actual penis. Size-wise, sticking this inside with a dildo or a penis is like sticking two fingers inside, except with less forgiveness.

Admittedly, the size is less of an issue in the entry-level version of this toy, the Partner; this model boasts a petite insertable portion, but claims to harness a less powerful motor. I opted for the Partner Plus over the Partner because I figured more power would benefit me, but I’d be stunned if there was a motor less effective than this. With super buzzy vibrations, I couldn’t even imagine this toy getting me off. It’s not that I can’t get off with buzz, but those vibrations combined with the fact that this toy doesn’t have a concentrated focus point of stimulation, and there just isn’t a chance in hell. The toy doesn’t sit close enough to my body to apply proper pressure to my clit, so it just sort of buzzes benignly on my labia and clitoral hood, only aspiring to reach deeper. Even when I apply pressure from my hand (which I shouldn’t have to do IMO, since couple’s toys are created with the intention of being hands-free) there was no improvement. The vibrations just lack power.

Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Toy Review My Tickle Trunk

Then there’s the button. It’s big, easily pressed, and sat right atop the clit for optimal accidental pressing, especially when you jam this toy into your vulva in an effort to get any benefit out of this contraption. All in all, there just isn’t a selling point here; the only straw I can grasp at is the pricepoint. At only $49, I assumed it would be a good way to test out if a couple’s vibrator is really for you. However, if you really do insist on dabbling in the couple’s toy pool with one of these, I’d suggest going for the cheaper $39 Partner, which is smaller and just seems to have more potential as a “discreet” C-shaped vibe. Overall though, I wouldn’t suggest one at all.

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Partner Plus Couples Toy

Partner Plus Couples Toy




    • Silicone
    • Well Priced


    • Buzzy
    • Too Big
    • Button Controls

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