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Satisfy wand vibrator on bed by my tickle trunk

Talking about this wand is weird, as was naming this review. Calling it “Please Satisfy” sounds like a desperate plea for when you’re so sick of trying out bad toys that you just want this one to be different. Don’t worry; this isn’t the case.

I’ve been trying to find the words to describe this wand for a while. I first learned about the Satisfy wand by Canadian company Please while watching one of my favourite cam girls, later finding the exact toy on Come As You Are. I’m always consistently impressed by (most) wands, so I make it my mission to try as many wands of any size as I can. The fact that a Canadian company was a part of it? Especially from a Canadian brand.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, with a faux quilted appearance adorning the handle and smooth silicone coating every inch (except for a metallic strip at the bottom). The entire toy is waterproof, with silicone-covered, hidden buttons and a water-tight charge port, and its compact size makes this much for of a contender to follow me into the tub, without having to fence off an area beside the counter just for it. The head is a nice combination of firm yet flexible, allowing me to mash down on my genitals are I love to do, without sending me a wild goose chase to keep the neck aligned with my clit.

Satisfy wand vibrator on bed with a black cat by my tickle trunk

With a wand this size, you can never really expect the rumble of the gold standard that is the MWR, but I’d put this somewhere around the efficiency of my mini Lovehoney wand (with the added perk of actually being waterproof). It falls under the header of buzzy, but the power that it holds for such a small wand makes it more than capable of getting me off. The intensity of the vibrations has consistently never let me down – not even when I was dealing with a lack of sensation due to some SSRIs.

What I do find unusual is how it starts; it turns on very easily, but the first mode you’re greeted with is the highest one. It jumps to life and emits the buzzy sound that only a vibrator cranked to high can be known for, and for a brief minute, I was excited by the idea of a small wand this powerful, only to realize that it starts high and goes down from there. The low modes are still great though, especially since the Satisfy wand has many speed variations rather than just the standard low, medium, and high speeds (let’s face it, we always want something in between). This means you can control the intensity exactly as you wish, and you won’t get bogged down by accidentally scrolling into the patterns because they have a button of their own! This also means that you can have the patterned vibrations be any speed you want.

Satisfy wand vibrator on bed with a black catby my tickle trunk

When I orgasm with it – and to my surprise, I always do – it’s intense. The kind of intense where as I climax, I almost immediately need to rip the head away from my genitals so that I don’t go into sensory overload. I’m not putting it in my absolutely favourite of toys, but if I was travelling light or wanted something petite for my nightstand, this wins.

The battery life in impressive, since I’m charged it all of once since I received it about 6 months ago. However, the biggest con probably lays within the noise level. It’s true that your average wand is associated with a higher volume, but for something this small, I guess I expected something that would at least be cloaked by a blanket and a closed door. No such luck though – it’s not vibrating the house down by any means, but it’s the tell-tale buzz that just screams “vibrator” that some just may not be comfortable in trusting.

Satisfy wand vibrator on bed by my tickle trunk

Rabbit Attachment
I was sent one attachment as a part of the wand, and I’ll admit I went in skeptical. Its overall size didn’t seem like something that would be able to provide much G-spot stim (for me, anyway) and that tiny little clitoral “arm” (more like a flap) just didn’t seem large enough either. I’ll admit that I was impressed with the overall function; the vibrations radiate through the attachment perfectly, truly making this a unique attachment (I for one tend to find attachments sort of meh for vibrations). However, my initial assumptions were correct, and the size just refuses to work with my anatomy. The internal piece falls short of reaching my G-spot, and the external arm was far too short to reach my clit (though this is anatomy dependent). It’s a shame because the way the external piece flits back and forth was really intriguing, but unfortunately, my labia just doesn’t have the same appreciation for such vibration.

Overall, I’d say take the wand and leave the attachment

Satisfy wand vibrator on bed with a black catby my tickle trunk

Buy the Please Satisfy Wand from Lovedreamer

Or Come As You Are

come as you are logo on my tickle trunk

This product was provided by Please Toys in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and unbiased. Thank you to Please for their contribution.

Please Satisfy Wand

Please Satisfy Wand




    • Compact
    • Powerful
    • Body Safe
    • Long Battery Life


    • Buzzy
    • Weak Attachments
    • Loud

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